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Week 5 disaster

So, Week 5 last week Was really worried about the increase in running time but actually thought had found my running feet as really got into the 8 minute runs. As it was a mixed week, we decided that Run 1, as well as Run 2, would be 8 minutes and felt did really well on Run 1 as managed the whole 16 minutes and the first 8 minute run was a massive improvement in both my speed and endurance (particularly given 6 weeks ago, could only just manage 60 second runs!)

Run 2 started the same way, 3 minutes in to the 8 minute run, found my rhythm and really enjoyed it. Found it a bit harder to start the second 8 minute run after the walk but started and got a little too confident - one minute upright, the second minute face down on the pavement. The result, bruised wrists and sore hands, grazed chin, bruised leg and, what I can only guess, bruised ribs where I landed hard.

Really gutted - meant no run 3 for me this week and am really worried am going to miss running tomorrow. Whilst my knee is better, my chest is still sore and not sure if i should risk running however, as I am doing C25k with a group, my concern is that I won't be able to finish (we're all due to graduate at a local park run) as will end up too far behind and might not be able to make the gap up.

Is funny, 6 weeks ago this wouldn't have bothered me - am now am half way through and beginning to enjoy it I don't want to stop. Has anyone missed Week 6 and gone on to Week 7 or is that too big a jump?

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Maybe call the group leader as they will have a lot of experience on different situations and they can then b aware that u will need additional support, might need to run more carefully and slowly etc. My thought is having done week 5 and 6 that they are both needed and challenging in their own ways and missing any stage is perhaps not going to be a good idea

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Don't rush it! Just do the stages. You have weeks yet before your supposed to graduate anyway. If need be your group could postpone.

BUT, your injuries are only minor aren't they? So lick your wounds have a good rest and get back into it! SLOWLY!

Well done to what you've already achieved and good luck!


Hi, Took your advice and was advised to rest. I managed to run yesterday and today - 2 x 10 minute runs and 25 minute run today. The chest pain is almost gone (still niggling) and I took it really slowly. Felt the missing runs though, would have been difficult going to Wk 7 without running at all this week.

Onwards to Wk 7! x

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I've just started week 7 today and don't think I could have gone straight onto it from week 5, but ask your group leader. Such a shame for you, it must be tough having to miss runs especially when part of a group. Hope something works out x


Thanks, was really upset last week (not to mention in a lot of pain) Has eased so managed Run 2 and Run 3 of Wk 6 this week. Was hard getting back in (realised how important those 3rd runs are - we only run twice a week with the group) but really glad I managed to get out and feel more prepared for the start of Wk 7.


Ouchy! Tripping over is a rite of passage - but don't need to do that again for a long time! I think each run is important in the build up - week 5 run 2 especially so. I would not advise skipping any of them. Bruised ribs may affect your breathing so you might find it too tough until things settle down. You won't be far behind, and after week 6 all the runs are the same each week so you could slip a couple of extra ones on your own to catch up.

Good luck!


Thanks, was good advice. Didn't finish the last run of Wk 5 but I have managed two Wk 6 runs (run 2 and run 3) and realised that moving to Wk 7 without these would have be difficult - run 2 was hard, run 3 a little easier. Glad to have made it back though :-)


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