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Week 5!

Hi, I am new to this forum but have been running with C25K for almost 5 weeks, following the programmme to the letter and loving it! I just finished run 2 of week 5, but it seems to say that run 3 will be 25 mins of running! But then week 6 goes back to running then walking...I don't understand why this is and I do trust the programme, this just sounds like the podcast is in the wrong place! Can anyone tell me how they got on with this run if this is correct? Thanks! :)

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It's not wrong!

A lot of people have found this run one of their trickiest! Going back to intervals after a steady run is harder than it sounds. Pacing is often off because you have a false sense of security thinking it's an easy run, and going off too enthusiastically. It's also regarded as a bit of a recovery run to help your body catch up a bit. Have a quick search for W6R1 on this forum and see what others have to say :D Good luck!


Thanks, Hannah! Tbh I am looking forward to doing this run just to see how far I have come. if you had asked me a month ago about how I felt about it I wouldn't have said that! Just taking it a run at a time. I will look for those posts, thank you! :)


I always marvel at how far we all come, it's so encouraging :D Keep plodding and let us know how you get on!


hannah141 is correct... just follow the programmes, slow and steady and you will be fine!

Check the posts as she suggests.. it will help and just carry on :)


Thanks oldfloss! I am taking it steady but following it to the letter! I am enjoying the runs and look forward to having "graduate" next to my name one day too!

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You are getting there.. the badge is being taken out of its box! :)


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