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Second time....Just keep doing it!

I did c25k last year, graduated and went on to do the BHF Blenheim Palace 10k in 70mins a couple of months after wards. Slow but I was chuffed - never been a runner! I had a lovely winter break in South Africa where I made the most of the southern summer with 5k runs every other day. Even did a lovely fun run on the morning of New Years Eve! Sadly coming back in January to snow, snow and more snow caused my running to come to a halt. A few half hearted runs in Spring did not really enthuse me and shock horror,I was back on the coach.

BUT 3 weeks ago I decided enough is enough!! Did a few runs of C25k (w4/5) and is now firmly back on a ease into 10k programme. Did a (8min run 1min walk) x4 session this morning and felt fantastic. When I started c25k last year I could hardly finish week1. I am amazed to find that I feel so much fitter than then. I wonder how much of that is all in my head, because "now I know I can do it if I just keep doing it!" To everyone out there just starting or re-starting - Just keep doing it!


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