I just ran a continuous hour! Party at the Hall household! Snow supplied, just bring the booze! :-)

If you look at my profile pic, this is me celebrating my run afterwards, sitting on a snowdrift! I was giving a thumbs up, but you can't see it, I also just noticed I look quite stunning after an hour of running in freezing temps! At least my Buff and Lipstick coordinate! ;-)

We were blessed to get 14"-16" inches of the lovely stuff a few days ago. Tonight we are in a severe weather alert predicting several more inches as well as blizzard conditions of snow, ice, wind and white-out visibility. SPRING! Where are you?? :-)

This prompted Steve and I to venture out for our run this morning before round 2 of the storms hit. We are just starting Week 6 of our 10K training and have a few more runs to "Graduation" :-) Today was 60 minutes/1 full hour of continuous running and we did it!!! YIPPPEEE!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Steve will probably post his results so I won't share his info other then to say I am very proud of all he has achieved! :-)

I ran a full hour and covered 5 miles which I believe is just over 8K. Not at the 10K distance, but I still can't do a 30 minute 5K, so I'm happy with my time. Besides, I just ran 5 non-stop miles when 6 months ago, I struggled to run 1 minute!!!! :-)

I remember back to looking out my window at a crazy runner, running in the snow and I thought they were insane... now guess who's doing it?? ;-) I found out melted snow re-frozen (black ice) either really makes you slow way down or picks up your pace quite nicely depending on how you land on it! :-)

6 months ago we started C25K, graduated 2 months later by running 30 continuous minutes. 4 months later, we are now running 60 continuous minutes. 1 full hour, how awesome is that???? ;-) :-)

So, party at the Hall household!!! We have plenty of snow and probably plenty of booze, but feel free to bring your own bottle if you want! The snow will keep it all nice and chilled! CHEERS! :-)



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19 Replies

  • Superb run, Sweetheart!! I am so very proud of you and how much you have improved!! You are so much stronger, both physically and mentally!! Don't you worry one little bit about that 5K time or 10K time...YOU ARE A RUNNER!!! Time is just a distraction at our age!! ;-)

    I Love You!! :-)


  • Wow Gayle, superb achievement! True grit... that's what you need in snow, and you have it in spades! (Sorry for the awful puns) Just brilliant, 10k on a sweet spring day will be a piece of cake for you! :-))

  • Fantastic! You are rocking it :)

  • Fantastic! You are rocking it :)

  • Amazing, well done! :D Dig a hole in that snow drift for some champagne!

  • That's commitment. Well done! :-)

  • Congratulations to both of you, amazing achievements aren't they :D

  • Great blog Gayle - as ever so inspirational - am totally impressed :-) we had brief snow flurries on saturday morning - and was pleased with myself for running in that- but only managed 30 minutes :-) Keep up the great work - and great blogs! S xxx

  • Brilliant, Gayle, you are both inspiring :) Roll on spring, though - I can't imagine how you find the motivation to drag yourself out of the house! I think I would just hibernate :D

  • Absolutely brilliant Gayle and Steve, you two really are inspiring and in the snow as well!!!

    Enjoy your celebrations!!

    Susie :) x

  • Absolutely fantastic Gayle; Woo hoo! I knew you would rock it! 8-) In such deep snow too, awesome! Did you ever get any Yaktrax or did you find it ok without them in the end?

    8k is nothing to be sniffed at and as your darling hubby basically says, who cares about the time! ;) 60 mins non-stop is a wonderful milestone on your journey; enjoy those celebrations and I will be round real soon.....if I can find a shovel to dig my way up your path that is!! :D

    Will be thinking of Steve on his Wednesday run.........

    Woo hoo! once again just for good measure!! :) :)

    Sue x

  • Brilliant work, Gayle and Steve! I bet you both felt chuffed to bits. Keep on running.

  • Superb work both of you - and Gayle, I'm seriously impressed with how far you travelled in that 60 minutes. I'd need a few km of black ice to get that far! :D Wheeeeee!

    Looking forward to the party! (Just eating one of my Valentine's Day chocolates in your honour. :) )

  • Woohoo Well done that's fantastic! You have done so well.

  • Totally awesome! A huge milestone achieved. Problem is can't decide between Moët or Tequila.......the Devil and the deep blue sea.

    Big hugs to you both. You guys have been a huge support to everyone and it means a lot that you take the time out to help so thank you xxx

    P.s. I always remember my first set of strong words from Steve lol!

  • that is fabulous news, congratulations, you two rock! :-D

    Happy running xx

  • Wow, well done Gayle and Steve - that's tremendous! In the snow!!! Blimey, the whole of the UK comes to a standstill at the first sign of a snowflake never mind black ice! And I have to admit, I wouldn't fancy running in it.

    Break out that booze - I'll have a beer!! :-))

  • Wow-wee great news Gayle! You and Steve are legends :) TX

  • Absolutely brilliant - well done to you both :)

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