Couch to 5K

How's everyone doing?

Hey everyone.. been out of the loop for past few weeks due to laptop needing repair, have missed loads of graduation posts so congratulations to you all, and to those of you just starting out on the programme, well done for taking that step, i promise you all you wont regret it.. it will change your lives for the better, to those of you who are struggling a bit, keep believing in yourselves YOU CAN DO IT!!!

as for me, i graduated about a month ago i think, and on the 2nd of April i did my 1st official 5k fun run, it. was tough but i did it, and got a lovely t-shirt to prove it which i wear with huge pride now while running.

since the run ive become a bit lazy though, and only doing 1 run a week, and thats not a great plan at all, as was struggling again. Realised its not enough to keep up the fitness levels ive gained from the c25k programme.

so ass back in gear this week and have done 2 runs so far.

so dont take it for granted like i did when you complete the programme. fitness needs to be maintained 3 times a week..

have to get a new goal to focus on and work towards, but what,, 10k? i dont know if i'll ever be able to run that far..

Maybe i should work on pace over the 5k?

any advice fellow graduates??

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Well done on your 5km run.

I'm not a graduate yet but the new podcast is due out in May I do believe (I'm sure others have much more information on this) that sounds like it could really be of help to you.

Have you perhaps thought of joining a "parkrun" in your area?


there are no park runs in my area, live in rural ireland.. am looking forward to the new podcast in may though..


I'm working towards the 5K next (well done on yours!) and will then probably work towards the 10K but I can't see myself doing much more than that, but you never know, I could never see myself running for 30 mins before!! :)


Well what you do next is altogether up to you. As I see it you have four choices

1. Maintain running 30 minutes 3 times a week for general fitness.

2. Firstly make sure you can run for 5k and then try to get the 5k faster each week using intervals too.

3. Do 3 runs a week not really worrying about speed but Up one of those 30 minute runs by 10% until you reach 10k, or do a 10k programme.

4. Gradually do less and less and then stop running.

Please don't choose number 4!


Thanks Tj and minuette. I'm still fairly slow running so maybe I'll concentrate on speed for now. Wud really like too work towards 10Km but an fairly after 5.5km at the I don't know if I'll ever be able for the 10km. What do you mean by intervals Tj?


Where's your badge?? You need your badge!!!! Well done on your 5K run, You are doing well, I have got a bit slack since graduating and find it really hard to actually do a 5k run! I still try to run 3 times a week though but don't get any better/faster :( Perhaps having another goal to work towards would be good for both of us? I'm definitely going to download the next "Laura" podcast and seee where that takes me :) Oh and did I mention YOUR BADGE??!!!


hey patbutcher! Didn't know about the badges thanks for telling me.have asked for one now.yeah I'll def download the next Laura podcast and try to stay motivated. Won't allow the lazy old me to surface again! (


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