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Second Time Around

This is the second time of doing the C25K. The first was 2 years ago when I was training to do the 8K Endurer to raise money for charity and get fitter doing it. I did it then and even got up to doing 10K runs across open countryside. But a serious long term illness kicked in again and I was back on the couch for 2 years :(

Some of my friends have recently entered a Tough Mudder run in May and asked me what I did when I started training; I'm not crazy enough to do another assault course just yet but talking about it has spurred me on to start up running again (that and the £500 worth of running gear sat doing nothing in a drawer). I did actually enjoy running through the woods when I'd built my stamina up :)

So tonight I did my first run in 2 years! It was a bit messy because I kept fogetting to check the timer but I did it. Couple of observations

It was easier than the 1st time - the last time after 30 seconds of running I was ready to collapse and my lungs were screaming. This time, I wasn't finding it difficult until the 3rd rep of run/walk. I'm not as unfit as I thought, yippee!

I am however, heavier than when I started training the last time. Mostly around the boobs. My gear still fits apart from one thing. I managed to squeeze myself into the sports bra from 2 years ago but I gained chin and earwarmers in the process. They were spilling out all over. It still kept em still though! New sports bra is definitely needed.

I need to sit down and go through the instructions for my running gadgets again. Trying to wing it with the timer as you run, after 2 years, does not work.

I feel really proud of myself for just doing it! I'd been reading posts on here and they are what got me to actually go running tonight. Thanks for the inspiration everyone.x

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Brilliant! Well done for getting back out there. Bravissimo have £5 off all sports bras at the moment 😀

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I was going to look at their online shop but thanks for the 5quids off heads up. Bra ordered and on the wayx


Congratulations on restarting.

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Keep posting.

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Great post. Really enjoyed reading it and made me laugh about the boobs! 😂😂 Wishing you all the best and can’t wait to see your graduation badge 👍 Keep up the good work 👏

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Welcome back! So sorry to hear that you had to pack it in cos you were ill. That must have been terrible.

Still, you're back now and raring to go. Take it steady and enjoy yourself. If you go slow and steady, taking your time, you'll soon get back into it.

Get the lycra back out and rock it!

Good luck!

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