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Just keep running, just keep running!


I woke up well before my alarm today, Keen to get out for my run before the predicted rain only to discover that the weather app predictions have changed. It now looks dry for most of the morning! So an extra 30 minutes as I waited patiently for my alarm to kick me out of bed and onwards for a good breakfast before my last run of my penultimate week of Ju-Jus 10K plan.

It's beginning to feel just the same as when I completed the C25K wondering what is next, how do I keep going and all of those questions that start to bubble up around week 7 and 8 as you gear up for podium week.

Originally I planned on repeating this week for the rest of the month but then I read someone saying that this is not necessarily a good thing to do! So now what to do next is on my mind!

Right now the focus is on getting out there and doing today's allotted distance. Porridge eaten, cup of tea beckons then a banana to keep me going and then out!

With the longer runs comes a need for more time but it also enables me to start taking in different routes. Today is one such run. My only concern is getting lost on the way - I have ditched using RunGo for now as I have switched phones and it does not seem as "friendly" on my new phone. So instead I sat down last night trying to visualise the route with Google Street View and Google Earth! Neither was particularly straightforward, the route being covered with trees for an early but unknown part.

Here we go ....!

Back from my run and the route was lovely, daffodils along the disused canal that encompassed the first 4k. I had to negotiate a railway bridge made out of wattle and daub! I am not great at running up or down steps so had to walk them so added a bit of extra distance at the end of my run to compensate!

The run was much slower than my midweek PB 5K but then again it was always going to be following the sage advice of slow and steady to make sure I got the required distance. Around 8k my left knee started to cause a few problems and I considered stopping but pushed on - I do get a lot of knee related issues so if I stopped every time I would probably never get past 1K! When I say pushed on I mean I slowed up but carried on!

Back home and post shower and a few stretches later the knee seems to be much better and the smile had fixed itself on my face for the day. I am glad to say the weather held off despite seeing a few raindrops along the canal it never reached more than a spit and spot here and there.

Happy running everyone, it doesn't matter how far you are running - take care, keep believing and remember to take it slow and steady.

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That's right, self belief and self care. If you have to slow down, slow down. Listen to your body and be the best team together you can be!

Sounds like a great run on a lovely day 👍🌼😁

Well done on your lovely long run Richard....😊x


Congratulations Richard, brilliant run. Don’t forget to request your badge on the 10k forum 🏃🏻💪🏼🏅

Richard7Graduate in reply to Millsie-J

Thanks Millsie and I won't but one more week to go before the big one 😀 although I did make 9.5k deliberately waiting for next week to do the 10!


Well done Richard! How exciting to be within sight of 10k 😊

Richard7Graduate in reply to DebJogsOn

Thanks Debs ... I never thought I would be this close to 10K in January.

Hi Richard, I’m Craig from RunGo, congratulations on what sounds like an very pretty run.

I’m sorry you are having a problem with RunGo on your new phone, please send us a message at support@rungoapp.com and I’ll get it sorted out of you as soon as possible so you can keep enjoying new routes for your longer routes.

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