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Restarting C25K - should I keep doing week1?

Hiya everyone :)

Earlier this year I was doing c25k following these lovely podcasts , but new job and moving etc, meant that it all slid aside.

But today after my night shift sleep I woke up and decided today was the day to get to running with Laura!

Oh I have MISSED this awesome podcasts and their cheesy music.

So did week1 run, to see where I am at and found the 1min runs easy, so in the second half I pushed myself a bit more and ran harder and for a bit longer than the 1min just to get out of breath and feel like I've done something.

Mega impressed that I can do week1 without dying like the first time! Even after 6 months since my last run!

So, do you think I should keep doing week1 for a couple more times? Or jog on to week2 and keep going still I find a week that is out of my depth?

Thanks everyone :D

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Welcome back!

It seems an awfully long time to have stopped, six months. I would wonder myself how slowly I should go. But you know your body will tell you how fast to take it. I'd go for your second option, jog on to week 2 - you can always stop and slow down. I hope you enjoy the build up to 30 minutes as much as the first time - it was fun, wasn't it?! Enjoy! I'm now back to running 30-40 minutes after a spot of injury and it's so rewarding.


I got up to week 7 last time, and when you finish a run that you never thought possible before - well, there is no feeling like it! Running for 20 mins was like winning the lottery for me!

And I now I will get there, and this time with completely new routes to run because I have moved towns :)


If you found it easy it would do no harm to go on to week two and see how you find that. I'm into my 4th month off now with illness followed by a fractured foot/torn ligaments, so will the intrigued to see how my body adapts to the changes when I get back to running. I've barely been able to walk though either so I'm starting to get very worried as things are not improving as quickly as I hoped!

Good luck!


Hi, I've had a number of stop start attempts at this owing to my delightful health problems. I re-started each time by doing w1r1 on first day, w2r1 on the next running day (leaving a rest day) then doing week 3 fully. I think that was about right for my baseline level of non-running fitness.

This time I've got to w9r1 and hoping I make it through two more runs!!


well did wk2 r1 today and that felt just within my comfort zone... but I was starting to feel it by the end of the run but I wasn't out of breath or wishing I could die.

So I think I'll go on to week3 and pick up from there hopefully and do the full 3 runs.

So great to be out there running again, I can feel my energy levels picking up already. :D


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