I did it .... Wk2 R1 done!

I rock and feeling absolutely amazing. Silly I know but I didn't think in a million years I would be able to do and I did it, without to much trouble. The only problem I had was that I was holding my stupid iPhone too tight and I kept hitting the pause button. V irritating. Oh, and the tightening calf muscles. What's that all about? Does anyone know of some exercises I can do to stretch my calf muscles before I start running? Other than that no side effects, aches or pains after the event.

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  • Well done you! I had the same problem with my iphone so I started using the podcast on my ipod shuffle - much better. I've posted a link below with some useful stretches.


  • Thanks scotsheather ... really appreciated :)

  • well done!! I am one run behind you - hope I can do it as well as you!

  • If I can do it anyone can. I'm in it to loose weight (I need to loose 5 stone to reach a normal bmi). If I can do it carrying that lot so can you. Everyone here has been supportive and friendly. It feels like everyone is routing for you.

  • I'm the same Dover, lots and lots of weight to lose but running and enjoying it! Never thought I'd hear myself say that! Week 2 run 1 for me today.

  • Same here, lots of weight to lose! Enjoying t!he running though! I bought one of those iphone holders that goes around your arm whilst running, from Amazon. Found run 1 of week 2 hard today. Good luck everyone, we can do it

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