Can't believe I just did that

As the title says, I can't believe I just ran for 5 minutes! I've just done Week 4 Run 1 and really surprised to find that I managed the whole thing without much difficulty. I get some pain in my calves as the muscles are really tight anyway (my bones grew more than my calf muscles), but I've learnt to push through it and carry on! So pleased :D

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  • well done :)

  • Yeah! Big grin still on your face? Was over the moon when I managed it. Well done 😊

  • Big well done you..! Just think how ecstatic you will be, when you can run for thirty minutes.. and you will do!!!! :)

  • Well done! Actually haven't you run for 16 minutes, just not all at the same time? Doesn't that sound huge?!

  • Yes, that's right :D I now run more than I walk

  • It's a fantastic feeling isn't it?!

    Well done x

  • Really well done! Keep at it - you can do it! x

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