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wk2 r1

well i did it but it was hard at first. the podcasts dont tell you to warm up and its seems opinion is divided on the benefits of warming up. so im now not sure if the 5min brisk walk is enough to warm my muscles up? the first run was a bit like my knees where locked slightly and i did think i wouldnt be able to manage. but it got easier after that as i think it was because the muscles around my knee felt looser. I work in a school and spend a long part of my day standing and I dont know if im now putting too much strain on my knees . they seem to be the only problem. should i take cod liver oil to help? im not giving up i just need some advice. by the way im female age 48

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Hi Flart! We found out we needed more then the 5 minute warmup. We would stretch indoors, then head out and walk 5 minutes before starting the program. Any extra movement will benefit you and loosen those muscles up. I'm a 49 year old female with achy knee's. :-) I take glucosamine and chondroitin and it seems to be helping to rebuild the cartilage and lubricate my joints. I also drink cherry juice and take ginger as an anti-inflammatory. :-) My morning starts with my cocktail and vitamins!! :-) Like you, most of my discomfort had been contributed to way too many years standing on my legs, hours at a time. Welcome to week 2!!! Gayle


thanks Gayle will try that on wednesday before i go out . I did enjoy it but i dont want to injure myself so that i get put off. x


I've always walked for longer than prescribed, normally about 7 minutes, but now it's getting colder I'm walking for longer before starting the run. I think Gayle's advice is spot on, do some warm up indoors before going out (I will try that too). I also try to run really lightly for the first couple of minutes, and small steps, so that I get a chance to see how my body is feeling.

I'm beginning to sound like a broken record with my next comment, but you could try some yoga too (or pilates), as that will strengthen the muscles around your joints and help to take some of the strain off them - it's a lovely complement to running and preventative for some of the usual niggles :-)

Make sure you have your rest days in between, the programme will build you up slowly, so hopefully as you get stronger that will become less of an issue :-)

Good luck!


I've got a colleague who is a yoga teacher. I've been on at her to do a yoga class at work but we can't find a suitable time because if our other commitments.will do stretches before but this morning my knees are sore especially the left I think I will take some ibuprofen to help.x


err on the side of caution and have an extra rest day or two if it isn't sorted with the ibuprofen. Shame your colleague hasn't been able to find a good time for a class.

good luck, let us know how you get on next time out


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