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Tough couple of weeks

Well its been 2 weeks since my Race for Life and I've only run twice. Once last week and once this week. Ive had a tough couple of weeks - been in a bit of a dark place which sounds really melodramatic but I guess I have. I just didnt want to get out running at all, didnt think I could and just kept telling myself 'ill go tomorrow'. Tomorrow became tomorrow which became tomorrow and I just didnt go out. I think I made it worse on a horrendous 15 hour work day to London last week which included lots of walking in flat shoes (which I thought were sensible) but it must be the way in which I walk in them as my shins were so painful for about 3 days ish. I just couldnt walk! So this morning I made myself get up early. I was sort of waking up anyway but forced myself out of bed at 5.30am and went out. I wont lie it was hard and I sort of eased myself back in. I ran 20 mins, did 5 mins walk and ran 5 mins listening to Laura. The air was so thick it was like breathing in soup so ill be so glad when the weather sorts itself out and there is even a hint of a breeze. I want to try to get back to 3 times a week but ill take it easy. Maybe the same as today again towards the end of the week and see how I go. If I have learnt anything, its that its so very easy to keep saying tomorrow but you need to get out there and keep making a difference. Onwards and upwards!

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The hardest part is getting out there. I could so easily find a range of excuses not to. Well done for biting the bullet it will pay off. Keep it up.


The heat certainly not made it easy has it - it's so easy to say tomorrow again & again - I know that one so well.. Just getting back into it myself - so it sounds sensible to stick with what you know at 25-30 mins for the next couple of sessions.

But equally important is to move on from Laura - Just look at what it says next to your name ..... GRADUATE

remember that feeling when you did it, which wasn't that long ago. You have graduated, you have already done this before, you are a runner.


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