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First run in nearly 3 weeks!


Haven't ran since Sunday 4th November, have had pain and soreness in my hip which has stopped me running. I have tried to walk each day and have done a bit of swimming but I can't tell you how much I missed my running.

This monday it was feeling better but decided to give it a few more days before I attempted a short run, just to test the waters. Woke up this morning, there was no wind and it was sunny and calm so I decided today was the day!

I was so worried about getting out of breath right away, or getting aches and pains, so I planned to go back and do week 5, did run 2 which was 8 minutes running, 5 walking then 8 more running. I was surprised at how wonderful I felt as soon as I began running, just knowing I'd taken the first step to getting back into it. My legs and hip felt fine and I didnt get out of breath right away like I thought because I was so out of practice.

Ran the whole podcast fine and feel so much better for it now. Made sure to have a proper stretch when I got home, and a nice warm bath, and I'm hoping that I don't get any aches or pains as an after effect tomorrow.

Haven't been on the forums for ages so it's good to be back and hopefully now I can work my way back up through the podcasts :)

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Well done on getting back out there, I know from my own experience that it can be mentally very difficult to get back out there after a lay off, but once you're out there its just the best thing ever! Good luck on your continued progress, crossed fingers that hip pain doesnt return but just in case it does there are plenty of stretches/exercises on the internet that help keep that sort of thing at bay, here is one link for you

sfb350Graduate in reply to Deryn61

Great link - I'll give some of those a try.

Meggyann, well done on your come-back run :-)


Deryn61 - this is brilliant, thank you!


So pleased you had such an encouraging return to the programme! Well done, meggyann, for getting out there again. Best wishes for the next run. :)


Thanks guys - have just done the above exercises so watch this space :)


I have also had hip pain, which got very bad last spring.Well done on getting through your lay off, and many congratulations on coming back and beating a hard run.

Just started with Week 5 Run 1 again!!! Sympathise with how you feel after a lay off but good to be back on track all the same...Keep the Faith as us Northern Soulers say !!!

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