Couch to 5K

Week 6 Run 1 - Easier than W5R3

First tried W5R3 in some beautiful countryside near where we were away camping in East Sussex. Although it was warm, a gentle breeze and stunning views meant that I completed it with no problems. However on my return my husband looked at my lack of red face with great suspicion and questioned whether I had actually been running, or just walking. This got me worried, so I repeated it back home. It was hot, I was flustered and I struggled to finish 10 mins. The day before yesterday, I tried it again and managed to complete it. Hooray! I am now using Runkeeper so I can keep an eye on my speed (or lack of) and I love looking at the splits to see how I am doing. Today I did Week 6 run 1 and I finished it, albeit it rather slowly in the sun. I was quite relieved to have recovery time today! My next run will be at a Race for Life. Not sure which podcast to do as I am not at 5k yet. Rather nervous, but looking forward to it!

By the way, the council gave me the number of a local beekeeper who came and moved the 500-1000 bumblebees in my garage to a safe place where they would be wanted. So happy about that!

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Hi Big-momma

What is Runkeeper, please?

On Week5R2 and wondering how slow I really am.

Good luck with Race for Life!



Thank you! Runkeeper is a phone app which is free at the basic level, but I think there is also a paid version. I have an Android smartphone, but most things seem to have an iPhone app too. Hope that your Week5R2 went really well!


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