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Week 6, Run 1 - success

Week 6, Run 1 - success

Well after Monday's failed attempt at W6R1 and after the comments from my last blog (thank you!) I decided to put Monday down to a 'bad run' and rather than go back to week 5, I would have 1 more attempt at W6R1. I am pleased to say that, although the gremlins may have won the battle on Monday, I won the war today :-)

I do have a confession to make though... I ran without Laura ! I decided last night that in order to help me overcome this huddle I wanted to be able to run to my own music. I made my playlist of music to get me moving and off I set this morning.

It was not easy by any means and the last 5 minutes felt longer than ever but I shuffled on (it really was a shuffle by that point) and at the end I was pleased that;

1) I had won where I had previously failed

2) I remained my usual stubborn self would not let myself be backtracked to week 5

During my cool-down walk I could 'really' feel my piriformis muscle tightening up but once I got home I spent a good 15 mins stretching and the discomfort has gone. I will do some further stretches later on if I start to tighten up again.

I think if I wasn't writing this blog and this wasn't such a fantastic community, I would have given up after my injury and Monday's set back.

My next run is Friday, where I'll attempt W6R2 :-)

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Thats brilliant Clare; I knew you would win the war and I'm glad you gave it another go!! It feels so good doesnt it?

Keep up with those stretches; they are helping me no end. I could feel it quite bad last night after my run but today its hardly noticable, unless I sit for too long at my desk without moving!

This site really does motivate us to keep going thats for sure. Good luck for Friday x


Well done, Clare! You've stopped those gremlins in their tracks! Agree completely about this forum - it's wonderful and inspiring to read about the adversities, trials, tribulations and most of all, successes! Good luck for Friday.


Well done Clare - you're back!!! :-)

Think I am waiting for you to catch up again on Wk7!!

I struggled on a 25 minute run and came up two minutes short - a little too fast a pace and a badly planned route mean't I finished on a hill which killed me!!

Annoyed again with myself that I stopped rather than shuffled!!

I need to find the mental strength more than anything to kick my gremlin!!!

Good luck with Wk6r2 - I actually really enjoyed that run!!!!


Great to see you back Clare!! So pleased to hear you're feeling better - now look after yourself! Not so sure about dumping the "official" music though - that means you'll miss the delights of "It's Easy now" (which I now know is included in all 3 runs, conveniently in the last 5 minutes or so when it really *isn't* easy).

Good luck with run 2 tomorrow :-)


Hi Clare, belated thanks for this post - I think this is my trouble. I have a pain in the posterior hip/under the buttock which goes when I rest, as soon as I run it's off again. Hope yours has improved since your post.


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