First Post-Op Run

Had my Gallbladder out last Thursday (7 days ago), all appears to have gone well :) I spoke to the consultant and asked when he thought I could try running again, he said I could try after a week to see how it felt, which is what I've just done. I managed just over 5k (30 minutes of running) and then I finished off with some uphill speed walking :).

I'm going to try 5k again tomorrow all being well, I'm then going to push hard back to hour long runs next week!

Onward and Upwards!

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  • Wow! That's amazing!

  • Jeez go steady. I had mine out and it does take a while to settle down so don't push yourself too hard too fast.

  • well done you...but don't push too much, any op can take a while to recover from mentally and physically, take care.

  • Thank you all, I would have responded earlier but I could not work out how to find this post again until today, just worked it out (although it seems long winded) Profile > Public Profile > My Posts :/

  • I'll be going out this evening after 6 weeks off due to abdominal surgery. My consultant said I'd be able to return to running after 5 days but I had a lot of complications and don't think he knew what he was talking about! Wishing you the best of luck, I can't wait for tonight!

  • Just be careful - I've had that op and it took longer than a week for the internal healing.

  • that's amazing i know someone who had that op and she was absent from work for six weeks!! please be careful though and give your body time to catch up with you lol:)

  • Thanks, seems like an age ago now, everything is fine, I guess I was fortunate no issues at all since and still regularly running as well as other stuff.

  • Good for you, well impressed .

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