Couch to 5K

First Treadmill Run :-)

Well, due to a number of reasons (dark, wet, no street lights, no pavements, mad tractor drivers) its very difficult to run outside during week nights, so I decided to try a treadmill for the first time.

I read all the comments on this site about and treadmills and there are obviously lots of opinions, so thought I would give it a go with an open mind.

I set the gradient at 1% as I read this helps simulate outdoor running and then upped the speed to what felt reasonable and sustainable.

Got to say, I was pleased with my run, I achieved a PB doing 5K non stop in just over 34 mins!! :-) Although it was a bit boring with only my tunes to keep me going I really did like to ability to "fix" my running pace (speed). This meant that I knew in advance if I kept running at a constant speed what my 5k time would be.

Whilst I will always prefer running outside, I don't know when I will be able to repeat the above time as I seem to struggle setting a reasonable pace and sticking to it when outside.

So, I will use the treadmill again as I certainly felt that I did a run!! I think that running on a treadmill and outside both have their place. :-)

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I sympathise with your plight. How to run in the dark on streets with no pavements. It's dangerous. I was out running in the dark last night, with a torch in my hand, as even in supposed lit places it was too dark to see, and I'm running in town!

I don't think you can compare the two things but needs must, and it's better than not running at all. I hope you can get some daylight runs in over the weekend


Thanks misswobble... whilst we are all out running to get fit, there are some limits and when things start to feel dangerous then its time to look at other options. Hopefully be outside at the weekend if the weather is not too bad.


Well done on your 5k pb Andy. I'm sure I would find the treadmill mind-numbing on a regular basis; my only tryout was having gait analysis in Run4it...scary stuff, but quite nice for my posture and to find a nice, steady rhythm. As you say, and I agree, I'm sure they have their place as well as outdoor running. :)


Really well done on the PB Andy! Fab. I know what you mean about the treadmill. I did most of the programme on it for various reasons but much prefer running outside now. However I loved being able to zone out completely on the treadmill with my playlist and I sometimes miss that. You do sweat a lot more on the old treadmill though!


Sounds like the treadmill is a sensible option for you. Never used one myself so can't imagine what it's like. Luckily although it's now dark at 6am when I usually run, there's plenty of safe paths around where I live, so I can stick with the great outdoors :-)

How great to get a pb like that - that's a good un too - well done. I'm still chasing the 35 min 5k.. one day.. :-) xx


Thanks pinkangel... think it may have been a bit easier on the treadmill, so all I want now is to repeat that run outside at the weekend and then I would be very happy bunny!!


Try putting the treadmill up a couple more degrees!!! :)


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