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Hi! I am very new to running. I started couch to 5K last week to support my son who wants to get fitter and get more fresh air and sunshine as he spends a lot of time indoors on computers. He has decided he would rather walk but I have decided to keep going with the running. I am 51 and fairly fit, but am worried how running will affect my joints. I guess the only way is to try it and see.


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  • Well hello TM firstly congratulations on starting. If your worried about your joints then don't be. When you go running your body will tell you how it feels. Just listen to it and don't push it more than it needs or injury will happen. Stick to the program as well. I was so tempted to "add" a bit more because I felt good but I didn't and I did the full program no worries. I did get a gait analysis and some good shoes at the start thou which I think helped stop joint problems. So I would recommend that if your serious about running. Other than that well done for starting. Post often and our big C25K family will laugh with you through the good times and sympathies with you through the bad times ( there will be some I gaurantee you) but other than that jog on :) J

  • Thanks Jase. I am looking forward to reading about other people's running experiences and getting lots of good advice. I know very little about running, but have really enjoyed exercising outside. Not sure how I will feel when it's raining though! I will invest in a decent pair of trainers if I get past week 4 I think. I am also doing a bit of weight training at the gym and hoping I can incorporate running without getting too knackered!

  • That is excellent. If your doing the gym have a look into exercises that will build up your quads and VMO and also your ankles. One problem runners get is runners knee. This is mal aligned knee tracking which gives pain in the inside side of your knee. but with a bit of exercising you can stop this. Good luck and keep posting and enjoy the running you will soon get hooked :) J

  • Thanks for the advice. I will take a look at what I am doing between runs. I really fancy a run today but it's supposed to be a rest day so will go for a walk instead. I hate being indoors when the weather is good.

  • Welcome! Just take it slow - as slow as possible for the runs. If your joints give you grief try adding an extra rest day or two. Most people seem to have minor c aches from time to time. And stretch v after your runs. I'm still trying to remember to do this myself. Happy running!

  • Thanks, I am taking it slow. My runs are slower than my walks!

  • well done for starting, walking is an excellent way to start actually, I've walked miles before I switched to running. I'm 51 I am fortunate I have not really suffered any joint problem and run 3 sometime 4 times a week. Use runkeeper and an excellent website called walkinghighlands, you can log into the 1/25th view and you'll probably be surprised what good walks are on your doorstep. Its a good prelude to starting running, after all, you can't run before you can walk.

  • Thank you I shall have a look at that website.

  • Hi there and welcome to the madhouse! I started off walking - 5k a day for a month. At the beginning my knees, calves and shins were a little sore, but they soon caught up and at the end of the month I was game to start running, which was when I discovered C25K. Listen to you body and take time off if needed - the program is excellent.

  • Thank you mfamilias, I am hoping week 2 isn't going to be too much of a shock! I need to get somewhere to put my phone when running. Would an armband be a good idea?

  • That's good to hear onestep. I have been on and off at the gym for years but all low impact. Hopefully the gradual increase in running time will be kind to my knees!

  • The week on week increases are the best way to get used to running Toffeesmum. I use an armband and find it useful so i can play my upbeat running tracks (ie the cheesy stuff i'd never admit to listening to in public) whilst I run.

  • Thanks rr76 I will probably get one this week.

  • Well done for taking up the challenge TM :-)

    Just take it slow, dont worry a jot about your speed, slow and steady is the way.

    I got an armband for my phone , but personally found it a bit of a faff, so at the moment I am just sticking it in my jacket. Will have to have a re-think now the warmer weather is here .

    Keep posting, this is a very friendly, supportive place.

    Good Luck and Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy, I tried an armband on at the gym but it felt heavy and uncomfortable. Will try another brand. I am doing Week 2 Run 1 on Tuesday. Need to find some good tunes to download.

  • I use Spotify, I have got loadsa top choons from there, plus its free .

    Double Brucie Bonus ! :-) xxx

  • Excellent tip, thanks! Love a freebie!

  • Could try a running belt. Ifound it much better than an armband.

  • Ooh never thought of that! Thanks

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