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First post graduation run

Hi all,

Today I went out for my first run after graduating last week. I should have gone on Sunday but didn't get the chance as one of my little boys was awake and wouldn't settle then we had things to do during the day (hence why I try and go before the day starts proper).

As it happens it was a useful couple of extra rest days as after my graduation run my knee had been a bit niggly (some different less corrective cushioned insoles are on order) but it had settled down by this morning.

After seeing the weather forecast yesterday I expected it to be a tad chillier than I've been used to, so I was contemplating venturing out in my as yet unworn running tights. In the end though I decided to tough it out in my usual shorts and t-shirt.

It was a bit nippy during the warm up walk, but after I started running I didn't really notice it.

I did discover one small benefit to having "a bit of a tummy" - when I started running I found that if I positioned my arms just so, then as I ran my hands rubbed against my tummy and generated a bit of warmth. Kept my fingers a bit warmer until I'd gotten into the run and warmed up.

I was a bit wary about leaving Laura behind just yet, not quite ready to go off-piste and go with my own music/podcasts, so I listened again to the week 9 podcast.

Didn't quite match the record breaking feats of my graduation run. I did just over 3.8Km.

For the next few runs I think I'm going to gradually build up and rather than stop after 30 minutes, I'll keep going until I hit 4Km, then 4 and a bit, then 4 and a bit more and so on up until the magical 5K.

For anyone just starting out on the plan, or in the early stages, and wondering if they'll be able to do it...Yes you will!

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You went out in shorts and tee shirt? Cor blimey you're tough! Really well done on the post grad run and the distance. Just remember not to increase your total weekly mileage more than 10%.

Maybe the running tights could get an outing soon!


Well shorts, t-shirt, armband for my phone, Garmin watch, head torch and sweatband on my wrist (although the head torch makes wiping sweat away with the band a bit awkward lol).


Well done, Peter! Like you, I've stuck to the week 9 podcast very often just to keep me going. I need something or I sort of lose heart, so I've also found the Speed podcast good for that too but I need to see if I can find something else to keep me on track and focussed.


At some point I'm going to try running with some "talky" podcasts as I tend to get a bit bored of listening to music, and if I get bored I'll start thinking about running. And that will lead to clock watching and experimenting with breathing and running style which will likely cause me grief!


Sorry not to find this sooner, Peter! Last year when I'd just graduated (for the first time!!) I ran to the radio quite often and enjoyed that. Also found some podcasts to run to. I think it might have been OldNed who also runs regularly to 'talky' type things. I'ts finding something that takes your mind off what you're doing, isn't it? I'm hoping that as I build up strength again it wil become a little easier!


A good run there Peter :D i still use the Week9 Podcast for 1 of weekly runs , it is nice to have laura to run with occasionally :)


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