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First park run today!

I graduated just before Xmas and have kept up 5k two to three times a week since then, going to my first park run today and feeling a bit nervous! I usually run on my own with my dog, so the thought of running alongside 200 others is a bit daunting! (Dog not going to be happy when I'm in running gear and he is not coming!!) hopefully I won't come last!!

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Good luck, just enjoy :)

When I do Parkrun I start right at the back and use someone who's going my kind of speed as a pacemaker, just following behind them. Then later on, if I feel I've got something left in the tank, then I start passing, and find someone else who's going a little quicker.

Start off slow and steady, speed up towards the end if you think you can.

Most important of all, smile, and enjoy it :)


Good luck with your first PR, can't you take your doggy with you? I'm sure Spoonie takes Ferd doesn't she? Enjoy x


hope it was a good experience :D i did my 1st on christmas day :) trying to go every week now :D


Nah leave the dog at home resting in front of the fire. You can run with him when you get back

Enjoy yourself. That's all that matters. The speed merchants will soon free up the field and leave the pack much more less crowded. Peeps are very supportive and you will have fun I'm sure of it.


Hope it went well for you....


Thanks everyone! I completed the run in 32 mins and one second! Very pleased, this was the first time I've ran with others and also up and down hills! Going again next week!!

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Well done! I am a huge fan of parkrun!


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