First 5k+ run

Hello! I wasn't going to run today, but am very glad I did. I've been feeling pretty rotten since the middle of last week (horrible chesty cough, cold etc, like lots of us on here), so missed a couple of runs and was still coughing like mad this morning. Anyway, decided I couldn't bear not to go out again, so I just went. I thought I'd just take it really slowly and maybe just do 20 minutes or so, so didn't plan to do my usual route. I did keep it slow, and I was feeling really, really good, so didn't check time/distance at all and just kept going until I naturally ended up back near home. When I looked, I saw I had done 6.8k! I've never done more than 5k before, which I've done on my four or so runs since graduating. I'd been running for 48 minutes. Had also completely lost track of time and wasn't home when the kids got in from school, which I've also not done before, even though they've got a key (luckily). To be honest, I'd forgotten all about them for a little while there, terrible!

So, I'm not going to refer to this as a miracle today, as it is finally dawning on me that this is just what happens when you stick to C25K and keep running - you get fit and feel amazing (not that you start forgetting all about your children...)

Not really sure what to do now - I need a post-C25K plan. I much preferred having somebody telling me what to do. Any grads with ideas/plans? I downloaded the C25K+ podcasts, so thought I could try those, do a normal 5k run and perhaps start edging up the distances on one? Something like that?

Happy running everyone :)

PS The new trainers clearly are amazing - that was the first time I ran in those too.


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25 Replies

  • Oh WOW, you really are a goody two shoes in every sense (apart from the forgetting your children bit!). Great that you're out there again and enjoying so much success. Looks like 10k is an inevitable goal for you. Won't be long before I'm reading about you in the London marathon - I'll be shouting at the sidelines - I knew her before she could run! Great post.

  • Lol, Buffy. How are the knees? Feeling any better?

  • Still sore for some reason. I'm going to try and run tomorrow.

  • Oh no, that's been a while now, hasn't it? Maybe it's because they're missing the running action and tomorrow they'll feel better than ever! Hope it's a good one and the knees are happy. Will be a blow if you need to have more time off. Good luck x

  • Well that's just brilliant, well done you GLudwig. You do end up in a zone. I downloaded the C25k and just listen to it whilst I'm going along. She's on about me trying to run faster. 1,2,3,4. But I can't do the speeds yet. I guess my goal at the moment is to get my 5k down to say 35 minutes. Only small steps for me at the moment.

    By the time I get to 5k I've just about had it. You are doing so well.

  • I know what you mean. 5k felt like my limit, but obviously going slower made it possible to keep going and I enjoyed it much more as I felt really good whilst running for a change! I think we put pressure on ourselves to go faster when perhaps we should be putting pressure on ourselves to go slower?

  • Well done GL! I'm building up to a 10k - trying to add about 5mins a week to my running. Is there anything similar local to you? I must admit that as much as I love running I feel that I need a goal/focus or I risk slinking back to the couch!

  • Me too. I've been worried about falling off the wagon now that we've come to the end of the plan. I liked having it all lined up for 9 weeks and ticking it off on the calendar. That's great you're working towards the 10k and have that to focus on. I hadn't thought of going beyond 5k, but maybe...

  • You clearly had a great run but a jump from 5K to 6.8K is a lot more than 10%! You don't want to join the others on the IC especially as you've been doing so well.

    There are loads of things you can do. The C25K+ podcasts are a great start. You could also try 1 short (3K'ish) speed run,

  • Oops my post posted itself! As I was saying, you could try one speed run, one 5K and one longer run each week building up your longer run gradually. Make sure you don't increase your total weekly mileage by more than 10%.

    Alternatively, you could go back to the C25K podcasts and run slower in the walk sections and faster in the run sections. Mix and vary your runs and that way you won't get bored!

  • Thanks IP. Will listen to your warnings - def don't want to end up with the others on the IC - didn't quite mean to jump up like that today, but yes, I think your first suggestion of one faster run, a 5k and a gradual increase sounds about right. I guess the C25K+ could work as the speed run perhaps? And then, yes, can calculate how much to increase each week and plan a route in advance. Need to think about it a bit more now I guess! Cheers

  • Good to see the new shoes are working miracles!

    I am behind you both in time and capability as I haven't run 5k yet, but it seems to me you need to start by defining your goal. Is it just to continue running for fitness, or do you want to achieve a particular distance or speed, or perhaps train for a particular event? If it's just running for fitness, it's probably as much about what else you will do - building up the swimming (btw I find the Swimfit programme excellent, adding in weights or other strengthening work alongside regular 30 minute maintenance runs.

    My aim is 5k in less than 40 minutes. As a short legged 58 year old I don't expect to get there any time soon but it means I can make one run each week about pushing for longer distances and another about doing intervals for improved speed, whilst doing a standard 30 minute maintenance run on my 3rd outing.

    It might make sense to plan the route before you go so you don't stay out too long. I got caught once by that when I thought I might be able to push on to 5k - and had planned the route accordingly - and ended up with a longer walk home than I wanted.

  • Sorry link didn't paste right

    It's a set of distance based challenges involving a mix of stroke development, sprinting, slower swimming using a mix of strokes. At my gym there are a set of cards for people to use on their own plus we have some instructor led classes. I go to an instructor led class on one of my running rest days plus also do a swim by myself on one of the other running rest days.

  • Thanks for that Coddfish, it makes a lot of sense. I hadn't really thought about what I was trying to achieve, other than to see if I could get to the end of Week 9 in one piece, but yes, the whole thing now is living a life that involves exercising and making that part of what you do I guess! I'm doing a weekly swimming group with an instructor too, and had looked up some swimming plans to have a go at, but haven't started. I'll have a look at the link. I haven't been very good at getting to the pool other than the weekly session, so I guess getting swims into the rest days should be goal number one, and get them on the calendar ready to tick off along with the new running plan. I'd better book a day off to get all of this activity scheduled! Sounds like you have a good plan and are better at getting organised than me. Hopes it's going well so far. Appreciate your tips :)

  • What I like about swimming is it is a whole body work out. I could happily pootle up and down a pool for length after length at a slow speed but I am truly knackered after the Swimfit interval stuff. If only I could bring the same variety to my running speeds.

    Activity does seem to have taken a large chunk of my life this year, but I feel it is paying me back in that I am less likely to spend part of my evening snoozing on the sofa. Got 2 weeks hard work in Malaysia coming up soon, so it will be a challenge to sustain the activity (and impossible to run outside in the heat).

  • Oh, gosh, yes, I'm not good with heat and definitely think I'll find running much harder when the weather warms up here, but Malaysia will be a different kettle of fish! Lucky you, though. Hope it's not all work. I love swimming too, but until recently was one of those head-up breaststroke-only swimmers. Now doing head-down crawl, but get pretty worn out quite quickly! I think a swimming plan would be a perfect challenge actually. You've given me an extra push there, thanks again!

  • Sounds great, GLudwig! It's nice just to lose yourself every now and then, isn't it?

  • Sure is :)

  • It's not the trainers G it's you. Well done I'm impressed. Keep it up. I'm out again tomorrow on the 5k + can't wait. ;) J

  • Thanks, Jase. Are you still on a high?

  • I sure am on a high. I'm doing the stepping stone bit 5k+ and it's fabulous teaches you about running to the beat 1234 1234 1234 lol try it sure helps. I'm out again tomorrow night J

  • Run the stepping stones podcasts for a bit. They will challenge you and help your running. Mix them up

    Have fun!

  • Think I'll give them a go tomorrow. Thanks

  • Not all of them! One will do nicely

  • ha ha, i'm not that bad!

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