First 5k!!

I've only gone and run 5K!!

I hadn't managed to fit three runs in last week with the heat and working all hours, so was determined today was going to be a good run. Yesterday I sorted a playlist out and secretly decided on the route.

This morning, 6 am, I set off with Hubby going to catch me up. I shouted over my shoulder "I'm going down the village then up over the bridge down to Thorpe" The look on his face was a picture, the bridge over the A46 is a bit steep!!

He eventually caught up with me, never said a word just pedalled along beside me.

When I'd run this way before it was to the third telegraph pole then turn round. I was feeling good so kept going just glancing at my watch, thinking I'm going to try 5 k today, turn round at 20 minutes should be long enough, that took me nearly to the windmill so to the windmill I ran. Turned round, Hubby says "mm you've gone a lot further today", little did he know.

Up over the bridge, feeling good, knee twinging a bit Hubby noticed and told me to stop - no chance I was on a mission. Kept going, went further than I thought, again. Checked the time.... 33:43 for 5K woohoo done it!! What a feeling!!

Don't know if it was my music or just that I was ready for a bit longer? Oops I didn't miss Laura!!

The only problem is that now my knee is quite painful going down stairs, not sure what I've done but after resting it most of the day it's feeling much better.

UPDATE: Rested knee on Sunday, went to bed early and it was still feeling a bit sore. Got up Monday not even a twinge!! Did behave and have a steady day doing nothing much.

Went for a run 5.30 this morning, another 5k, not a twinge until I turned to come back, running on the opposite camber of path/road started it niggling just a bit. I think it must be the way I'm running, need to get my gait checked soon.

Thanks for your positive vibes

Keep on running!!

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  • Well done to you fantastic πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

  • Thank you!!

  • Many Congratulations to you on your 5k and what a great time too !

    Sorry to hear about your knee, have you tried icing it ? A bag of frozen peas wrapped in a teatowel can ease it .

    Hope it feels better soon , Well done for today :-) xxx

  • Well done and a brilliant time. It's a bit of a landmark that first 5k you should be really proud.

  • Well done - cracking time too!

  • Well done for your first 5k!!!

    Rest that knee up now and look after yourself ;)

  • Congratulations! - and Well Done on the time! :) Lots of ice and rest and elevation for the knee ;)

  • Well doneπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

    I have done similar to my knee before! A good exercise is to teeth your leg when sitting down and move your foot to point your toes towards yourself. Take an extra rest day or two and make the next few runs easier and shorter before building them up again when the knee feels better.

  • Stretch your leg, that should say-stupid autocorrect!!

  • How on earth does stretch become teeth?? That is so funny I can't stop chuckling over it.

  • Well done !

  • Well done. A surprise 5k for the first time, another running achievement. Don't like the sound of the knee pain. I am 52 and I do get niggles from time to time. See how it responds to rest, maybe have your two days off. Have you tried stretch n flex exercises? I do them most days - things like squats, knee lifts, backwards kicks. I find I don't move my knees much while I run and they stiffen up a little so my exercises keep them moving

  • How amazing, well done you!

    So fast, woo hoo! To you!!

  • Ah, congratulations 🎊 a great milestone and something to be proud of. And a very impressive time too - well done you πŸ˜„ πŸƒπŸ’¨

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