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First Post Graduate run

Hi everyone following advice from you lovely running folk I'm going to keep posting on here to try and keep my motivation and enthusiasm up.

For me today is where the hard work begins. Running or should I say plodding without Laura.

I intend to continue running at least 3 times a week and slowly build up until I hit that magical 5K Once I achieve that I have found a park run local to me and I just need to be brave and register.

I run tonight solo and this time I will not give up if anyone can give me ideas on motivational music to run too would be much appreciated Onwards and upwards as they say

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Once I graduated, I ditched the earphones - I find it a much more pleaurable experience being able to take in my surroundings!

As to making it to 5k, you can do it really soon now that you've cracked running on and on. Just find yourself a nice comfortable pace that you can maintain, and run on after your 30 minutes. I'm sure you'll find that you get to 5k without too much of a struggle.

Well done for having the motivation to tackle and complete C25K. The period immediately after completing it can be difficult - I found it that way. You've just gone through 9 weeks of knowing exactly what you had to do, and now you're on your own! Parkrun, or races (run for life must be coming up soon) are great targets to aim for. Parkrun in particular is fantastic, and gets you together with other runners. I'd encourage you to go sooner rather than later. There will be people there who walk part of it, and it's generally a very encouraging and supportive environment.

You'll be surprised what you can achieve. This time last year, I was coming to the end of C25K. I thought being able to run 5k would be a fantastic thing to be able to do. I couldn't even imagine running 10k, but......

In April I started parkrun (I've done 41 now)

In June I did my first 10K race

In August I ran in a 5 mile race

In September I did my second 10k (getting under 60 minutes for the first time)

In October I ran the Oxford half marathon

I've done another two 10k races, and over the next 6 weeks I'm doing another three half marathons.

It's been a blast. Don't put limits on what you think you can achieve. You're a runner now, and it just gets better!


Wow you're amazing a real inspiration.

Thankyou this is exactly the type of post I need to keep me motivated it gives me hope and encouragement

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Well done. It's great to see people excited by what they can do. I hope your running goes really well. Get along to that parkrun!


I've just ditched Laura for my last run (W9R3) and I downloaded a disco, funk, house podcast and loved it, it was upbeat and gave me a nice rhythm to run too 😀



Well done you!

Now you are well and truly hooked, you will keep it up. :)

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Well I ditched the head phones for the first time ever tonight and yes I did the full 30 minutes and really enjoyed it.

So much for taking in my surroundings mind I had a near collision with a swan 😁


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