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W5 R3 - I did it!

Well tonight was the run I've been dreading - the big 20 minutes.

My journey home from work did nothing to help as we got stuck on the tube in a tunnel for 25 minutes as someone had got on to the tracks and was just standing there! All the power got switched off and we had to wait for the police to come and remove the person. Not the best of journeys home!

I've been trying to pep talk myself all day and remember all the encouragement and advice on here.

I decided to only switch my RunKeeper app on once I started running as I wanted to see how far I could go without including the warm up. Well I set off at a steady pace ...and magically just carried on for 20 minutes! It was all a bit surreal and seemed to be over quickly. I think I'm still in shock now and don't want to sound cocky but was surprised that it actually felt comfortable and I wasn't even that out of breath when I finished.

When I checked the app I'd run exactly 3K which I can't quite believe. Me, the person who got out of breath running for the train and thought their lungs would burst in week 1.

To anyone doubting themselves, have faith in the programme, have faith in Laura and most of all, faith in yourself. If I can do it, you can too :-) :-)

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Yee haa, LondonKel, well done. That sounds brilliant. I also had a great run tonight, although I'm a week behind you, and it's great to feel confident about it, isn't it? I don't envy you the stuck tube experience! I have claustrophobia and vividly remember nearly losing it in a tube once when we were stuck between stations many moons ago. 3k in 20 minutes should see you well on track for a 5k 30 minutes in a few weeks time too I would have thought. :-)


:-) :-) Congratulations, you conquered the dreaded 20!!! You are spot on in having faith in the program and yourself! :-) Gayle


Well done on breaking through this psychological barrier. Having recently completed W5 myself, I know what a huge hurdle it is. Keep on truckin' :)


Many Congratulations and Well done you! :D You are justified in feeling really, really pleased with yourself, especially after such a traumatic journey from work! Onwards and upwards for the final few weeks now, with graduate status at the end. All the best Linda :)


Fantastic! You'll be whizzing round Hyde Park in RfL :)


Brilliant, brilliant! Maybe the tube experience somehow pushed you forwards?!

You're fast too, great job done. :)


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