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First run with new shoes and boy did it make a difference! Now should I run my next 5K race in them on Sunday?


Got my first ever proper pair of running shoes yesterday and went out for a short 12 minute run this morning to try them out and it made such a difference! I have been struggling with hip injuries for the last 3 months and have only been able to run for 10 minutes per training session which I have found so frustrating because I just want to get on and start training for my first half marathon! With my new shoes, I ran for 12 minutes and there was significantly less pain in both my hips, I hardly felt anything at all! Now I am not sure if the lack of pain is because I haven't run since last week so had more time to recover or it is the shoes, but it is finally looking hopeful! I felt excited to go out for my run this morning and I am itching to go out for my next run in a few days time - I haven't had those feelings for months!

I have my 3rd 5K race on Sunday and I really want to run it in my new shoes but the guy at the running shop said not to. I understand why, but I know if I run in my old shoes (which aren't even running shoes!), I know that I will get hip pain and spend a longer time recovering! So I don't know what to do...does anyone have any suggestions? :-D

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Wear them as much as possible between now and Sunday see how they feel. At some stage you are going to run 5k in them. How does he want you to work up to it? You have to weigh up the benefits against possible problems. Good luck in the race

Redcello41Graduate in reply to Grannyhugs

Thanks for the advice! Will wear them as much as possible and make a decision on Sunday! 😃

GrannyhugsGraduate in reply to Redcello41

I know when I get new ski boots I'm told to wear them round the house before hitting slopes, so applying same logic. Not fun or elegant clumping indoors in ski boots.

Redcello41Graduate in reply to Grannyhugs

Yep definitely gonna where them round the house and see how they feel on Sunday! 😃


So pleased for you!! 🎈

Redcello41Graduate in reply to Annieapple

Thanks! 😃


Running a half marathon in new shoes would be inadvisable, but if you are feeling benefits from the shoes, over your old shoes, then I would consider that overrides the sensible advice you have received.

Redcello41Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Yes I agree :-)

I can see why they gave you that advice, but since your old shoes are actually harming you, I would wear your new ones as much as possible this week, and run in them on Sunday.

Redcello41Graduate in reply to grumpyoldgirl

Yes that sounds like a good idea! :-)

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