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Do I need trail shoes?

I've been running weeks 1-7 on the pavement and around week 4 had gait analysis and invested in some road running shoes. Now the drier weather is here I've been running weeks 8 and 9 round my local park (which I'm really enjoying) in the same shoes, and haven't had any problems. The ground is firm and all the puddles have gone.

So my question is, do I really need trail shoes? I'll probably will never run over the park when it's wet or muddy, I'll stick to the pavements. So are they really necessary?

Thanks for any responses.

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No, you'll be ok with your road shoes. If you decide to hit the trail you can buy some shoes then. I love the trails and run them most of the time in preference to the road. Running on the trail seems to eat up the miles much quicker than on the road. I have no idea why

Have fun whatever surface you choose. Happy running


I use my Brooks Ghost running shoes for road/grass/forest tracks/snow/sand ;) If you decide to head up into the hills on tracks and trails then perhaps some trail shoes.


It sounds like you won't need them, but if you do buy some, be aware that they wear out very quickly on roads, and they are slippery on tarmac; and I mean slippery! My trail shoes are lethal on road, but brilliant off.

Keep running, and keep us posted.


Thanks all, sounds like I'm ok with my current shoes. May invest in a proper pair of trail shoes later on though.


If you had trail shoes you could be running in wet and mud... and looking after your joints ;-)


No. You'll know when you need trail shoes as your feet will be slipping around running up and down muddy banks. Normal shoes are okay in the park and maintained woodland trails


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