W5 R3 OMG I did it!!!

There's been plenty of uplifting posts about this run recently and they all helped massively today! I set off with some trepidation, couldn't imagine how I was going to step up from 8 mins continuous to 20....but I did it!!!!! I flipping well did it and with a smile :) how bloody fantastic is that? I am amazed, chuffed, relieved, happy and SO thankful. I kept thinking of you lot who've already done this and telling myself I am just as good so just get in with it, keep moving. Can I breathe? Yes! Are my legs hurting? A bit but keep going! Good luck to others - keep at it, the sense of achievement is ACE!!


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  • well done Northern :D you are right to feel so pleased ,it is a good run and yup you DID IT :D :D way to go

  • Aah that's brilliant, well done. I bet you will be smiling all day now. It is an amazing programme isn't it. Who would have thought 8 mins to 20! Well done x :-)

  • Very well done. You can do anything now! Yes, I keep thinking of all the others on this forum whilst I'm running too. I really think it makes the difference. Not sure we'd have all carried on without the support, praise and encouragement from everyone on here. Well done again and on to week 6 (I found R1 and R2 tough - so be prepared).

  • Well done! It's a big jump, but doable, as you've found :) As Buffy says, I also found some of the next ones more tricky, so keep up your enthusiasm. When I find it's getting tough, I spend ages working out 'there have been x songs, which are about 3mins, so I must be this percentage through the whole thing' - and by the time I've done that I'm usually a good few minutes on and closer to the end!

  • Just knew you'd do it. Great stuff.

  • Thanks for your comments, it really helps!! Onwards to week 6 but first some vino to celebrate tonight :)

  • Brilliant! Congratulations and well done. Try to remember the feeling when Laura said "that's it" - I do and it's seen me through some tough times in weeks 6 & 7. Very very well done :)

  • That is brilliant. I have just finished W5r2 so have 'the big one' next. It is so good to hear that other people have managed it and everyone is so supportive here.

  • CONGRATULATIONS, ! thats excellent, it really is a great moment when you conquer that run! :)

  • Well done! I remember feeling the same way, 20 minutes from 8? But as you said the sense of accomplishing it is great :D

  • Well done!! I'm setting out to give it a go in a couple of hours and I know I'll be having those same conversations with myself. Your post is more ammo for the 'Yes I can do this' part of my brain!

  • Just keep imagining Laura saying "You can do this"

  • yes you can!!!

  • Fab stuff Northern, that is a major milestone that you have just overcome , its great innit ?

    Keep going onto Week 6

    Well done and all the very best to you

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Well done ! Now go get W6 !! You can do it ! x

  • Brilliant - well done you. Take some time to bask in the achievement, then dig deep for week 6!

    W5r3 is such a monumental hurdle - but you did it. Put your mind to it and you can do most anything.

    Congratulations. You are officially a runner.

    Welcome to the club!

  • Well done, there'll be no stopping you now xx

  • Am just catching up with posts and am delighted to hear you did it! Fab achievement and a real milestone for a runner. Well done you!

  • Well done :D

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