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W2R1 - I think I need new shoes, really wet and cold morning

So I normally run between 6.30am-7 before I get ready for work. This morning was wet and cold (I had to go back and grab my coat). Though the sun is up now and I hope it remains there lol :)

Anyways, my leg really hurts during runs. Part of it is from running but its not the same kind of pain, its the kind you get when some twists your arm for example. So I am think its my really old running shoes. They even bite into my feet which is not helpful either. People keep telling me buying the right running shoes is apparently rocket science. I normally just get a pair that fits lol. Anything I should know before shoe shopping?

Lastly, Laura gives you a breathing tip halfway through where you count upto to 4 breathing in and then again breathing out. I unfortunately couldn't manage this. I am swimmer and I thought it'd be easy but I guess I need to practice.

All in all I managed all the runs and walks, hope it gets easier by w2r3. Also I need to find a different park to run in, I think it will get boring running in the same place.

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I found that I can't do the counting to four breathing tip either and still can't, I'm on week 7. She gives another breathing tip in one of the later weeks which is to push your stomach out when breathing in. This really helps but feels a bit odd to start with. For my shoes I went to a running shop and they did the gait analysis so they can tell you which type of shoe you need. They are expensive but I think they are worth it. Hopefully that will sort out your leg pain.


do you happen to remember the running shop by any chance? or was it like one of those local shops near your place


It's called up and running, not sure if that is a chain or just an independant. When I was looking to start c25k I just googled running shops in my area and that came up.


Yeah, I tried that breathing things and nearly passed out!! The thing I found is to breathe how you feel most comfortable breathing. With time as your fitness levels increase, breathing will get clearer and easier. I still intersperse my breathing with the odd expletive (under my breath of course!!).


Canary1902 and danzargo have given you some good advice. Laura's recommendation for breathing is difficult for many of us to cope with - dont dwell on it, find your own way of steadying your breathing, it will depend very much on your running pace too. Both will develop in tandem - your lungs and you legs will both become stronger!

Several dedicated running shops offer 'gait analysis', .... It is probably better to Google those in your area rather than risk the big, generalised, High Street sports chains, which are fine for t-shirts and shorts but probably not well enough equipped, or with dedicated, trained staff to do a good analysis and be able to offer advice about shoes and customised insoles. I had great service from Sweatshop, but there are several others.

It would be wrong to promise that your next few weeks will be easier! You will just have to trust in the programme, and accept that as you complete each week, your body will be prepared for the following week ... but that might be hard too ... until you are used to it and your fitness improves ... which it will!

If you stick with your current location for running, you will soon be able to judge how much you are improving each week ... You will go further around your course! A good time to change routes might be when you get to the long runs from week 7.

Good luck with your next few runs, keep us posted about how I you go :)


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