Run 2 (and new shoes)!

Run 2 (and new shoes)!

Just in from run two, which went much more smoothly than my last run!

I finally got myself some proper shoes today too, with a bit of a telling off from the lovely guy in the running shop for running in shoes with no cushioning!

I must admit, proper shoes do make a huge difference, it felt a lot easier to run, not just on my feet, but everything felt better.

So - the last interval run is done, scarey!

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  • Beautiful shoes! Will be up with the lark to do run 2 and will report back. They are very black currant!?

    Bought cheap things in LIDL today - socks and top for cold mornings. And someone was eyeing up the trainers ... And I wanted to say STOP! Go get measured and videoed and properly 'sold' a pair for your unique feet! I still love mine and wonder when I can say I have done enough miles and get new ones. Enjoy them and feel smug about last interval run.... **eek!**

  • It was only a very small shop, but he had me trying lots of shoes for flat arches until he found some with the best support. I then went ahead and chose the second best ones as they were purple ;)

    I need some more socks, but have 2 short sleeved tops, one long and two pairs of tights, so I'm okay for now! Weight loss isn't cheap!

    Can't wait to hear how you get on.

  • I love the colour of your new shoes! I also went to Lidl and bought some running gloves, to go with my long-sleeved top (with thumb holes!) and long tights. Love all the kit, I'm trying hard not to go mad!! Have actually bought some nearly-new tops from Ebay and they've been really good. Happy running :)

  • Are these local sports shops you've been to or just sports direct or somewhere?

  • I went to a local running shop. No way would I trust Sports Direct for an actual genuine sports purchase ;)

  • I try to support my local shop and went there for my shoes. I was very novice then and when he asked me to get on the treadmill and he would video my gait, I wanted to leave! He was going to WATCH ME RUN! **appalled face** The most disconcerting thing about the video is that it looked like my mum running (we ALL turn into our mothers! girls that is). But his advice was super. I try to buy clothing in the sale and I try to remember I can only wear one top at a time - and although it may be cold, it isn't when you are running! In other words I try to not buy too much! Too tempting.

    Fitbit is on my birthday list...

  • No room in this shop for a treadmill! I'm supposing that as I knew I had flat arches he wouldn't really have needed to see me run though? He was really good - lots of advice, I'm sure I'll go back.

    I've been buying running clothes in Asda, they have an active wear range, got a lovely long sleeved top in the Trespass sale too. All these new ways to spend money, who knew!

  • Love your new shoes. Haha you girls are pricelessly funny, would you have thought a few months ago you would be getting all excited about going shopping for running tops/bottoms/gloves/socks!!!! Handbags, shoes, dresses yes, but running gear, your well and truely bitten by the bug. Well done. >Deb54 will you keep us posted if you get a Fitbit, I've heard mixed reports and I'm not sure if it would be good for logging all my exercise classes.

  • It's totally bitten me at long last! I love my FitBit, I've got the FitBit One and it definitely motivates me to do more. I guess it depends what exercise classes you do, you can add activity on and it will convert them into steps.

    It's my OH telling me I need the proper stuff, did my first run in denim shirts and a t-shirt :) Just a tad comfier in nice, light, moisture drawing clothes (in pink) hehe.

  • Oldgirl I've used Fitbit Flex for a couple of months now and I love it, it really keeps me motivated, great tool, if you want to know anything let me know.

  • Asda was good the other week, I got a very subtle running vest!

    I don't think I have a running shoe shop near me which is a pain, my trainers are getting well worn are a few years old and are doing the job so far!

    What's FitBit?

    I do need to think about 'warmer' layers soon though I think!

  • Mine is bright pink from Asda, nice and comfy though - although I later saw cheaper ones in the Trespass sale!

    FitBit is an activity tracker, it tracks steps, calories, flights of stairs, miles walked etc. I love mine :)

    I know I should think about another layer, but I was thinking maybe just a light waterproof jacket, as it's not like I'll be getting cold whilst running.

  • It would only need to be a lighter longer sleeved layer?! I will give it another week or so then look into it I think!

    I've just downloaded FitBit even though I have map my walk, I will see how it goes!

  • I went to TKMaxx yesterday and bought some running leggings rather than the grotty shorts I've been wearing. Can't wait to try them out tomorrow - this running bug is costing me £ but is getting me active and it's fab! Happy running everyone :)

  • I love my running leggings, much more comfortable and light than the bottoms I was running in before, I've picked up a running top in TKMaxx too, quite handy really!

  • Lovely trainers Minxy. I am now thinking I will have to get some fancy runny gear too. At the moment I am wearing a pair of stretchy wide trouser things and be of my 28 year old daughters tee shirts. One she left behind when she went to New York ( I am missing her a bit so maybe wearing the tee shirt is more about that). Anyway, once I come back from my holidays I am going shopping. Woo hoo. Hope everyone has a great week of successful running. Have fun.

  • Only my trainers are fancy, the rest of the running gear is cheap, but does the job - you'll be surprised at how much more comfortable you are running in proper stuff :)

    Shopping is fab ;)

  • Ok running leggins and a top I think is on the cards, there's a few places nearby I can think of to have a look but tk maxx is sounding like the place to be!

  • For tops, try Trespass, they have a sale online at the moment and have tops from £3.99

  • I go stuff from Aldi but my leggings are Nike and they are very, very nice. I love them in fact

    Also, I think they do the same ones in a thermal material so I might treat myself now I've graduated

    Great shoes by the way. I am dead jealous of those!

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