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Week 5 Run 3! I did it!

I just completed week 5 run 3 this morning and am feeling super chuffed!

I was terrified of doing it before, I thought there was no way I could go from 8mins all the way to 20, but somehow I did!

I'm not going to lie, I found it pretty tough and there were a few times I was ready to give up, but then Laura said I only had 2mins left and I knew I was going to make it!

So excited about the last 4 weeks of the program now.

Keep going everyone, if I can do it then so can you!

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Congratulations and a big well done. Xxxx


Well done:) I'm 2 runs away from the dreaded 20min run and i'm aleady worried about it! Tonight/tomorrow is W5R2 which i'm equally as nervous about - I keep telling myself its 8 mins twice :)


Well done! I did W5R2 yesterday, so am getting ready for the big 20 minutes on Friday - have to say it seems like a big leap from 8 to 20, especially as yesterday was so tough.


Well done people. The Week 5.3 is a milestone and one which is definitely achievable if you've kept to the plan. I celebrated mine with an expletive under my breath because I could not believe actually being able to run non stop for 20 mins.

Well done Nemi. Just be careful not to get to upbeat for Week 6 because it can come and bite you on the arse if you;re not careful. My advice is take two days rest and then start Week 6 with care. It's way harder than you think, especially if you go at it with reckless bravado (like I did and ended up struggling to get through the first 5 min run!!).

Let us know how you get on and good luck!!!


Well done, its a great achievement, i agree take week 6 slowly its a tough one


I've got week 5 coming up next, really can't see I'll be able to do it at all. Congratulations to you, that's a fantastic achievement.


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