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WEEK 5 RUN 3 - I DID IT!!!!!

I'm SOOO happy and excited! I just came back from Week 5 Run 3! I did it!!!! I was so nervous and thought for sure I'd need a break, but I just started off really slow and by the time I finished I was going faster and faster until it just felt so good I didn't want to stop!

Laura was so encouraging! Everyone on this site is so encouraging!

What a wonderful positive experience this has been!!

I'm EXCITED to get out there and start Week 6 in a couple of days!

I can't wait to see what I'm capable of!!! :D

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Well done - congratulations! It feels really good doesn't it!


CONGRATULATIONS! :-) No turning back or stopping you now!! :-) Gayle


Well done. Good luck on the next run. :-)


Yeee- haaa! That excitement is infectious! You are clearly on your way.

Well done. :)


The feeling I had when I finished that run will live long in my memory Learn.

I love it that you're able to put across in a blog just how you feel.

A word of caution though (and I hope this doesn't sound like I'm trying to bring you down off your high) but many on here have found Week 6 really tough, I think it's down to the euphoria you're experiencing now.

That said, enjoy the feeling, it's wonderful one.


There's nothing to beat the feeling when you get that run out of the way is there? Congratulations!


Thank you everyone!


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