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Week 5 run 3...I did it!!

Ok so this was definitely the most dreaded run of them all! I just knew I had to bite the bullet and just go. I do the same route every time and I know this might be boring to some people but I get a real sense of achievement when I run past places that I used to have to stop. Of course near the end it presented a real negative when I wistfully remembered that I could stop there.

I used Laura to start off my warm but changed over to a 20 min play list that I'd made because I knew I needed the motivation from more high temp music.

I tackled the first 15 minutes with no problem but the last five minutes were hell. My lowest point was at 17 minutes and I really didn't think I go could any further. I'll be honest and say that I did stop dead and this point for a bout 30 seconds but luckily my last song came on and I just thought if I don't do this then I will be so disappointed. I managed to finish it.

It definitely wasn't easy but not impossible. My biggest barrier was a mental one. My fitness has improved so much. My recovery time is quick and my energy levels are high. I've still got quite a way to go but I am glad that I got this far. My race for life is this Sunday and I wont be able to run the whole thing but I'll have a good go!

If anyone reads this and are worrying about week 5 please take inspiration. I couldn't even run the length of myself a month ago and I'm starting to love it so much.

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Well done FunyFace. I could really feel the effort that you have put in. I really need your inspiration as it is my next run too. Good for you finding the determination.


Well done! Iam tackling W5R2 tomorrow so the dreaded one is Wednesday for me. Like you, I have kept to the same route, being a creature of habit. Unfortunately, part of it is a hill :( You must be feeling so good now! I look forward to catching up with you on here soon. We should graduate roughly the same time. :)


Congrats! :) I'm looking forward to week 5!


WELL DONE! I can't quite believe I'm managing to actually 'run', I done W5R1 this afternoon and am amazed by how improved my fitness is in 4 weeks,

I managed the runs today without stopping and I'm so proud of myself.

My legs are aching now though :/ I'm a little concerned about my right calf, I had a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in it 5 yrs ago, and that calf can be painful whilst running. Anyone else have trouble with painful legs?

Anyway, WELL DONE for completing W5 x


I wonder if compression socks would help ?


Well done you, you're doing so well :)


Well done FunnyFace !


Congratulations :)


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