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Week 5 Run 3 - I did it!!! :)


I wanted to write a blog post about my week 5 run 3 run, because even though it was 2 days ago I still can't believe I managed to complete it!

I had been really worried about this run, 20 minutes of running seemed like a huge jump from the 8 minutes runs on run 2 of the week. I was going to try and put it off but decided to take the bull by the horns and head out on friday evening to attempt the mammoth(!) run, my thoughts whilst running went something like this:

0 - 3 minutes - doing great, think I can run forever

4 - 5 minutes - Surely i've been running for at least 10 minutes by now?!

5 - 10 minutes - Starting to get a stitch and feeling tired - I tried to slow down and change the way I was running.....anything to get rid of the stitch.

10 - 15 minutes - Stitch got worse and worse, legs started to hurt and ache, thought I was actually going to have to stop the run at one point until I heard Laura say I had been running for 15 minutes and there was only 5 minutes left to go. Decided to power through!

15 - 20 minutes - Stitch still lingering but became focused on the running, finally got into a good rhythm and even picked up the pace by the end.


The feeling of completing this run is like nothing else and far outweighs the aching legs and stitch pain. Completing the run has given me such a boost to go on with the programme! :)

In total I worked out that I ran (roughly) 2.8km which is just over half of a 5k - not sure whether that's good at this stage or not? Sometimes I feel my pace is good - other times I feel I'm going so slowly I'm practically running on the spot.

If anyone has any tips of dealing with stitches i would really appreciate all advice. I've never got a stitch on the couch to 5k programme before but it really effected this run and I don't want it to effect my future longer runs.

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Well done this run is such a mental challenge....I know I had to repeat it as it beat me first time...I remember going through those minutes much the same as you though when I did do it.....as regards the stitch some say its down to not drinking enough water before you go out but I have found that on the odd occasion when I have got a stitch I concentrate on deep breathing down into my belly and that seems to clear it.....not quite sure what is the best way but that works for me.....good luck with the rest of the plan and I look forward to reading your graduation blog!!

Aimeek in reply to karenmac70

Thank you! I am definitely going to make sure i drink plenty of water before my next run - anything that helps is worth a try! :)


Can't help with the stitch, sorry, unless maybe going a bit slower might help? (I used to get stitch if I ever tried running, but, curiously, haven't yet had stitch once, since I started in December, right up until now - I do run pretty slowly.)

Brilliantly run though - to keep going with stitch like that is quite something! :)

Now you know you can complete the programme - this is the 'gateway' run that shows you there's more to your legs than you believed! :)

Aimeek in reply to greenlegs

Thank you - I almost gave up this run because of the stitch, luckily Laura popped up at just the right time to let me know there was only 5 more minutes - hearing that made me determined to stick it out til the end and i'm so pleased i finished it!


Laura does have a knack of popping up just as you think you can't carry on :-)

Well done on your great run. Don't worry about speed at this stage, that comes in time, just keep going. That shiny badge is just within your sights now :-)


Well done! Your speed was about the same as ours (today). Felt alot of the same but avoided stitch - and had drunk water b4 b

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