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W5R2 and discovered a 5k route!

W5R2 and discovered a 5k route!

Hello all,

Managed w5r2 today and have really started to enjoy myself. The warm weather and sunshine helps! After my longer-than-expected run on Friday, I really felt like I'd earned a weekend of relaxation and feeling fitter has really made me smile.

We've spent the weekend on a massage course (absolutely wonderful - highly recommended if anyone wants details!), ignoring Mr WeightWatchers and relaxing in the sunshine and I did feel more confident in smaller clothes out and about. I'm not actually sure I LOOK any different, but I FEEL good! The massage man even said he could appreciate muscles he sees on runners - so something is happening!!

As a birthday present, my OH treated me to a Garmin Forerunner which I took out for the first time today. As I'm still quite slow, I decided to ignore the speed for the mo but just keep an eye on how far I'm going and in total how long it takes. The run today went well - the pain/discomfort I've previously described is still there, but seems to be less severe and settles more quickly, so I can only hope that eventually it might just either only bother me in the first few minutes or - pleeeeeease let this be the case- one day goes away altogether.

The 8min runs were tough, but only about as tough as the 5 minute ones were last week, and I felt that after these I could manage an extra 5mins running after a short walk. Thanks to my new Garmin I now know that I covered 5k in two laps of the wooded (and therefore cooler) part of the common, and that it took 42 mins. Maybe I'm not as slow as I thought!!

Off now to put on some sun cream and get gardening - making the most of a rare day off. Hopefully this time after our run this morning, Weasel will be too tired to dig up my new plants and bugger off with them like she did last time . . .

Can't say I'm looking forward to run 3 of this week, fingers crossed for Wednesday!!!

And just to amuse, this is us in Portsmouth yesterday trying to pretend we haven't just both turned 32,

Happy running everyone,


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Lovely, happy blog ... Well done! So glad you're feeling so positive and lively ... Isn't it amazing what running is doing for so many of us, young and old! :D

Upside down kids, or kidnappers? nah! You ain't seen nothing yet ... Wait til the over 60's in their Peter Pan mode chase after yah LOL ;)

Keep enjoying it all, Linda :)


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