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5.2k !!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

I might be a wee bit excited lol

I'm in Swindon at my friend Daves for the weekend. I haven't run since last Sunday; Jen and I didn't get to run in Harrow on Wed as previously planned.

Dave has graduated today too :) so it's a double celebration; Dave has regularly put in 5k, and can do it in 30 mins, he already had a base level of fitness because of work but used the C25k to get back up to speed and out regularly.

We ran his route today and I decided I'd just go for the distance, I'm slower than Dave but bless him he stayed with me. Dave was listening to Laura and I was running without tunes (lost the ear piece after 5 mins and didn't want to stop and faff) I did have to ask Dave to stop telling me the time as I didn't want to know lol I kept an eye on my heart rate with the Garmin and knew when I'd passed my distance PB and was in unknown territory with 1k more to do.

It was tough in places as there are several major roads to cross with pedestrian crossings, Dave was the perfect gent and ran ahead to press the button for the green man to give me at least a chance of keeping pace while crossing roads, there were still comedy moments of me running in circles though :) and Dave jogging on the spot, I think there should be an new law that insists that drivers have to give way to runners :) lol

5.02k 40.45 mins and I'm really, really, really pleased :)

Have a good bank hol weekend everyone, enjoy your running if you have one to do :)

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Wooooo HOOOOOOOO, well done Bxster! :) So pleased for you!

BxsterGraduate in reply to AliB1

still smiling :) although realised this now means that is my new distance every week lol


Fabby dabby doo......hooray.....That is brilliant Bxster. What a lovely Dave too, well done to him as well. Since it is still early in the day and I have just got in from a 5K run too I will raise a coffee to you and enjoy a celebratory doughnut on your behalf. Also really pleased for you :)


Well done you! Huge congrats. And enjoy your weekend with Dave... he sounds lovely, what a gent.


Congrats on making 5k!. When I get to my last run I want to try to run 5k to graduate. At my current pace it will take me around 39 minutes. Just did W7R1 today so there's a way to go yet.

Yay! :)

I'd like a Dave to run with me ;)

AliB1Graduate in reply to TJFlute

and me!


Oh that is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done :) :) :)


Well done you! Congratulations!


Brilliant, very well done, I've graduated now so the next step is to do the 5K.

Congratulations on your run


Congratulations! It's great when you achieve 5k!! :-)

Well done!!!!!!!!! How far was it again? You're clearly someone whose footsteps we need to follow. I'll warn Poppy, we can do the time but not the distance at the moment.

BxsterGraduate in reply to Beckipeg

did I mention it was 5k?... :)

Tell Poppy the distance will come when her little legs can cope :)


Well done. Did my 1st 5K on the treadmill today. 39 minutes :) but I didn't have to cross the road :)

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