And finally...5K!

I graduated a month ago now. I am firmly in the "slow and steady" camp so I managed 3.3K in my thirty minutes. I have been stretching out the time, so this morning I downloaded a 45 minute podcast, (Radio 4 afternoon drama, not sure what that says about me), and set off in the beautiful if flippin' cold sunshine. When I got to the end of my podcast, I realised that I was only 250m off my 5K, so I went for it! So I have run my first 5K in 46 minutes, and I am really pleased with myself. I think I will consolidate at that distance for a few weeks before deciding what to do next.


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  • Good on you :) And I am a fanatical fan of the BBC iPlayer dramas :) Record and listen to them all the time :)

  • The "Good listener" series on at the moment is really riveting! It kept me going this morning!

  • I'm delighted they are airing it again :) Missed the third episode last time so really looking forward to it now :)

    Wish I had not mistakenly erased my copy of "Charles 111" That was one of the best ever, and to hear it right when it was on in the West End too was a gift :)

  • Podcasts are great for running. Congratulations, it is a great feeling running that first 5K.

  • Thank you, I do find podcasts keep me from constantly wondering how far I've still got to go!

  • Well done .I'm in the slow and steady camp too. Iv just done wk 9 run 2 and came in on 3.3 k also . I'm hoping to build up speed once iv graduated which will be on Friday 😁 the podcasts sound great .

  • Good luck for Friday! I am marginally faster over 30 minutes than when I graduated. It doesn't matter that much to me, I am just glad to be so much fitter!

  • Yes I'm the same .I'm so happy to feel fitter and healthier than I have done in years . I think it will take me a while to build up speed .but I'm just so happy I can run for 30 minutes πŸ˜€

  • Good luck for Friday! That badge is so close now :-)

  • Thankyou. I can't wait for my badge .😁

  • Well done it's always great to achieve another goal πŸ†. Switching between podcasts and music, depending on my mood, has really helped me keep going. Everything from Simon Mayo to Woman's Hour (I had never listened to W'sH until 3 weeks ago) and Madonna to The Four Seasons (that is Vivaldi not Frankie Valli and, but I could give that a go if the mood strikes). It's 40 minutes when I get to choose and I'm hoping to extend to an hour for next spring. The only downside is that I do embarrass myself occasionally by laughing out loud! 😁

  • Thank you! I usually run in the early morning so Chris Evans is bombastic enough to keep me moving. I can't face getting up early enough to do a longer run, which is why I switched to the podcast. I love Vivaldi; I bet that is great to run to!

  • Really well done! I'm in the slow and steady camp too and my first aim after graduating (going for my first post-grad run today!) is to build slowly and sensibly up to 5k. So what an achievement for you - go Tortoisegirl!

  • Enjoy your first post-grad run; it is a special one!

  • Excellent work - great that you pushed through at the end.

  • Well, it would have been a waste not to run those final 250m!

  • Oh, well done tortoisegirl :) . It's so dark and miserable some mornings, and I am working every day on campus so am close to the gym, so I have rejoined and plan to do at least one run a week on the treadmill. Hate the treadmill, but hope it will help me speed up a bit if I set it to a bit of an incline.

    Like your choice of listening :)

  • I've never tried a treadmill. I have visions of flying off backwards and ending up in a crumpled heap!

  • Lol ;) . I have been on them before, hanging on for dear life, but that was before I became a runner! I'm going to give it a go. If I really hate it I will do some rowing or cross training, or go for a swim instead. Just glad to have the options on hand now that it's getting too dark for evening runs. X

  • Well done, that first 5k feels like such an achievement. Very respectable time too. πŸ˜€

  • Thank you! It does feel a bit like graduation all over again!

  • Nothing wrong with a radio 4 drama! Well done, you.

  • They work very well as a distraction - one day I will be brave and run without tech - not quite there yet!

  • I've surprised myself by how much I like it (although I took my ipod today for the first time in ages). I rarely go without a tracker as I've yet to make 5k... Soon, tho, soon!

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