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A cheeky 5K - and some PBs...


Morning Folks! Aussie here from a sunny SW London (again - glad to see the backend of Bertha)...

So - after the 13K long run on Sunday and the interval session last week I was up for a bit of a push today. I was originally just going to push out an easy 5K but something inside me decided that today was the day for a bit of "put the pedal down and see what you can do".

I think after laying down such a strong foundation over the last month or so and not really pushing too hard (don't get me wrong - it's hard work - but keeping conversational pace mainly) I wanted to see if this training was paying off in terms of speed and endurance liked they promised me it would... :)

So - today was definitely NOT conversational pace.. it was all I could do to get out a "Morning.." to fellow runners... I hit the ground running (hehe) with today's 5K... Off along the riverside... first few KMs and we're moving along at a nice pace. I don't know what that pace is yet, but my heart rate is 10-12bpm over the conversational pace and just KNOW this is quicker - it's much harder!

After 3K I need to slow down a bit - this is really tough. But, my training lets me slow it down a bit until I recover and then dial a little bit of speed back in... by now though it's getting quite tiring and as the last 500m clicks in I keep looking at the Garmin. Come on - how long can 200m be? 100.. 50... DONE!

Only now when I click the "STOP" button on the Garmin do I see my timings... and today my dear C25Kers is a GOOD day... :)

New PBs

Fastest 5K - 29.01 (18 seconds faster than my fastest Parkrun)

Fastest 1K - 5:22 (honestly, wow, that's quick for me!)

Fastest Mile - 8:44 (again, wow..)

Needless to say I am a VERY happy boy today and right there ladies and gentlemen is proof positive that by laying a solid foundation and not going crazy every outing you can really start to see results.

Happy Running!

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Yep, it's true. Keep plugging away, chewing up the miles, slow but sure. It takes time for improvements in times to show themselves, and sometimes you feel you're going backwards, but persistence pays off as you're seeing now Aussie

It's good int it this C25k lark! Well done on those PB's!


Well done Aussie, I'm so jealous, it sounds like you had a fab run. I'm presently on the injury couch care of Ascis interval training last Friday.........gggggggrrrrrrrr. I think I have a problem with where my Achilles inserts into my calcaneus......so it's RICE for me and I have a physio appointment booked for Friday......fingers crossed they will be able to work miracles.......I so miss running and I've only been out of action for 4 days.

Keep those postings coming....it cheers up those of us who are temporarily out of action.

AncientMumGraduate in reply to AmberC

Bad news Amber. Hope you're running again soon :)

AmberCGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Thanks AM, I'm feeling a bit fed up to say the least.....and worried about losing fitness. Bummer.

AncientMumGraduate in reply to AmberC

Don't worry too much Sweetie. From experience, I reckon you can miss upto 2weeks without your fitness draining away. Take the rest you need now, so you're not out for longer. Hope your physio does the trick for you x


Well done Aussie, all that hard work is really paying off now. You should be very proud of those numbers. Look out Miles_Yonder, Aussie's on your heels! :)


Well done, Aussie. Proof indeed. It's been a few weeks since I went for it on a 5k. I've just been concentrating on putting down a good foundation for my 10k at the end of this month. Hopefully though, this is also going to help when I next try for a 5k PB :)


Wowee, well done :) Great time, I wish I could go at half your speed! I have runner's envy !!!

There's a happy man, nice one Andrew!


Those are great times aussie :-)

Nice pic of you looking happy too. The great thing about this place is, when someone describes a run we all know how it feels....the hard bits and the pushing it bits and the looking at the Garmin expectantly bits!

I bet you felt great when you saw your times. Great going :-)

Well done Aussie. Sounds like you had a great run! I am inspired to assess a riverside run to find a 5K route for myself.


Aw look at you Cheeky Chops ! :-) Well done Aussie , you nailed it ! :-) xxx


Brilliant! well done!

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