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Week 7, Run 2, please tell me this gets easier again ???

Just back from my run 2 of the week, was totally shattered when i got home from work and was hoping to have a rest before my run, but the other half announced we are having a bbq tonight and hes invited people round, groan.... i must be getting old, all i look forward to on a Friday night is a quiet night in front of the tv lol :-) didnt want to fall behind anmore so i decided to go out for my run before hand that way i could have a nice wee glass of red... or 2... ;-)

It was really tough again, the music was driving me mad and i had a headache coming on, so i whipped the speakers out and ran listning to the sounds of the countryside, (that bit was nice) i put my earphones back in after a while and ran on waiting to hear a clue about how far along the run i was, then laura said, your halfway there, omg, i couldnt beleive it, i thought, oh i must have only about 5 minutes to go at this point, i really came close to stopping, the closest i have ever been, so instead, slowed right down for a bit, i was barely moving, but after a few minutes, i relaxed and it got easier, not enjoyable by any means, but easier, The last minute was a downhill, so i managed a faster run for the last minute. satisfying to complete the run, but not enjoyable, the curse of week 7.

So when i got home i was feeling a bit down and a lot shattered... but just checked my endomodo and i done 4.11km, i cant beleive it, it was a new route for me and i didnt know the way, having just moved here so i was just guessing where i was going, mayb that didnt help, but i really thought it was only going to read 2.1 km or something like that, So that makes my average 8:31 min/km. not my best but i am so chuffed, its really made my run all that much better. I do hope it gets enjoyable again though, im sure it will, i have faith or why would anyone bother doing it.

Other plus points of the day,

weighed myself.... ive lost half a stone... down to 10 and a half now. cant put it all down to running though, been pretty non stop work, walking, moving recently.

Also at work today got a compliment :-) an older gent !? i work with was looking at me, and said

your still doing your running arent you daa-rwlin..

yes i replied,

i can tell, says he, Youve lost loads of weight already, on your thighs, he then slapped my thigh and said bloody hell, your thighs are rock solid.

still laughing now... happy running folks



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Wow! You went really far - you must be way faster than us, no wonder you found it hard going! Well done you! (But if its too hard you try slowing down to a pace more trudging, like us!)


It really didn't feel fast at all, I thought I'd went really slow. The distance inc my walking which at times was definatly faster than my running. Lol


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