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week 6 run 2, after a few days off


I love writing my blog, its like my reward for my run, look forward to it as much as the run, getting to sit down with a cup of tea and write down my thoughts and reread what iv achieved, makes me so proud lol

I finally managed to get out for a run, my last run was on saturday, having missed a few days with not feeling too great and the madness that is moving house. I was quite glad to get a break from packing.

The weathers been awful today, hailstones and thunder showers, i didnt think i was going to get a chance, but managed to squeeze a run inbetween downpours. So glad i did, it was a great run, after the first 5 minutes when laura said thats you done 5 minutes, i was a little surprised i thought it had been much longer, and i did startle a poor dog walker and her dogs by shouting 'what' when she said it, :-D hehe oopss !

the rest of the run went great and i did push myself to go faster just to see if i could like laura suggested. And i got a personal best of 7 minutes 23 seconds a km. And i also went the furthest distance so far of 4,21 km. no idea if thats good in comparision to others, but i dont care, im getting better, so im happy. :-) So really really chuffed, id been feeling a little down after the last run, but it just goes to show, there will be bad runs, but you never know the next one might be your best.:-) Also used endomondo to record my dog walking througout the day and also my walking to work, and couldnt beleive the total i walk on a daily basis, 4.7 km i had no idea, i just dawdle, but still,. Thats got to be a good thing, so in total today i have walked/ran/travelled by foot however you want to desribe it a total of 8.91 km. woohoo ! One day im going to run that amount :-)

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well done on getting this far & I know exactly where you are because it my W6R2 tomorrow night. & I too have used endemondo and managed 4.25k in W6R1 ... although I always start the sessions before I leave the house, so that will include the warm up walk too...

And isnt it amazing that feeling when you start with some doubt but then go out and belt out your best run yet!!

Good luck with the rest of the program and the house move too... & hopefully graduate during the same week after just 10 more runs AAHHGGGGHHHH !!

bikergirlGraduate in reply to Hidden

Hi, I do the same, include my warm up walk in my overall distance. Well done to you too, will watch out for your blogs. Not long to go now for us. Eeeekk, getting excited now. :-)


Hey well done! I really enjoyed that run too. Haven't we come far? That was the last interval run, from now on it's all long runs. Scary and exciting!

I feel the same about blogging too, I can't wait to drop my girl at kindy and get the little one down for her nap so that I can sit on the sofa with my iPad and blog about my run! It does feel like a reward.

Goodluck for the next run. :)

bikergirlGraduate in reply to Crismatlotta

hey crismatlotta, I must of missed your posts. Youv caught up with me now :-) glad that the walking intervals are done, I think. Lol good luck for your runs too, :-) not long to go now

Well done and good luck for the next one :-) I'm doing w6 r2 on Saturday so I hope it will go as well as yours. Look forward to reading your next blog :-)

bikergirlGraduate in reply to julieg21

Thanks, good luck for your run. Last interval run. Then onto the big ones. We can do it. Before we know it wel have our green badges reading other people's journeys nodding along thinking wev been there :-) happy running


Well done you! Specially with that awful weather. Isn't amazing how much progress you make in 6 wks? And also how many km you notch up just by walking around rather than driving?

I know exactly what you mean about blogging - when I was doing the programme and often struggling, I used to distract myself by composing my blog as I puffed along, and it's lovely to sit down after a shower, with a cuppa, and reflect on your experience. I know I couldn't have completed C25k without the online community's support. I can well remember blogging in a total panic about how scared I was about running for 3 minutes in week 3.

Happy running, and happy blogging!

bikergirlGraduate in reply to Soozz

I know isn't it amazing when you read the blogs back and think, how scary 3 minutes seemed, how quickly you change and progress not even realizing it. This forum has been a life belt I think I would have given up without it. And happy running to you too. :-)


Wow! Well done. That's much faster than us! :-)

bikergirlGraduate in reply to Plinth

thanks. My first few weeks were 11 minutes. So its a definite improvement. :-) I think I was probably so fast for fear of the big thunder cloud that was heading my way lol

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