Please tell me it gets easier ;-)

I'm 53., over 15st, always battled with my weight and not an exercise 'natural'. Skiing once or twice a year and Zumba once or twice a week is about it. Running? Never!

Why C25K? Rashly decided to do an early bird sign up for Pretty Muddy next year, but then there was the small matter of not being able to run more than a few yards!

First run today with hubby as running buddy. Started off well but soon realised just how unfit I am! Got through all but last 90 sessions, which I had to do as a 'very brisk' walk rather than s jog. Can't believe how pooped I feel - the route I s one I do quite regularly, but a brisk pace and changing just 8 mins to running rather than walking totally changed things.

.Forgot to wear my Fitbit, but in some ways this is probably good s I reckon my heart rate might have worried me ;-).

Hubby said we've taken the first step - but I think this will only really be when we've completed at least the first week and not given up!

Really encouraged by stories of other unfit and very overweight people who are now loving their 5Ks and beyond. maybe there's hope for me yet...

All hints and tips greatly appreciated - already learned that tea and breakfast smoothie 45 mins beforehand doesn't work for me. Too much liquid churning up as I go.

Hoping that this becomes the first of at least 27 (usually much shorter) posts and that I do become a C2K graduate one day :-)

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  • Welcome to the forum and a big well done for taking the first step! The C25k programme is simply amazing, following it will change your life and be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Many people say that the first run is the hardest. It gets easier in the sense that your body will become used to what you're asking it to do and you will become addicted to the progress you make and look forward to the next run (you really will!!!)! There will always be people older, more overweight and with more health problems to contend with that have completed the programme, so you can definitely do it!!

    You will hear it so many times along the way but go slowly. As long as you are doing a running motion rather than a walking one there is no such thing as too slow - your running pace can be at the same or even slower than your walking pace. It's the key to getting through the programme, speed can come later. If you feel you need to stop, make a conscious effort to slow down but without dropping to a walk if you can. Stretch, listen to Laura, slow down and before you know it you'll be running for 30 minutes!!! You really will!!

    This forum is full of incredible, inspirational people so do use it for advice, encouragement and to let us celebrate your successes with you. You can do this and we'll all be with you in your head and after your runs cheering you on!!! :)

  • Thank you - this is so helpful and rncouraging! I will definitely try slowing my jog down rather than walking the last 90 secs on run 2 :-)

  • I received the same support yesterday when I joined the forum (I'm on week 2 run 2) run 3 will be on Monday, so I can testify to how supported I feel with just that first post. I will follow you so I can cheer you on, I'm only 1.5 weeks ahead. You can do it!

  • Are you following the nhs c25k podcast/app? It's the best thing since sliced bread it really is.

    I was 56 going on 57 when I started, never run as much as the length of myself before and had been dieting for some time. I just can't stop running now. Racing too! Races are such a blast! It's life-changing stuff

    So, stick at it, Slow speed is absolutely fine and will get you through 9 weeks and safely delivered to Graduation ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Yes, following Rachael the NHS podcaster. A really nice voice to listen to and very encouraging when she junmps in with a 'now it's time to slow down' just as you think you are about to expire!!

    You've made fantastic progress - I'm not sure I'll ever be able to race, but if I can just make it to graduation and jog/run 5K I'll be happy!

    Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.

  • I never dreamt of racing or even continuing to run when I started c25k. You just take it one run at a time โ˜บ Racing is such fun though. You just can't stop grinning honestly ๐Ÿ˜Š I am nearly 59 and I am pleased to know that age is no barrier and there are loads of elderly folks out there smashing races โ˜บ On my first 10k, one wintry morning, I asked myself who the hell I thought I was kidding, but answered my own question with "well why not? This is Fun!" Lots of other older runners that day too, all out there enjoying themselves.

    Just enjoy your running ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Well it could get easier if we stopped stretching the goals! However, having graduated and running three times every week, the sense of satisfaction and being able to continuously run for 5k does not disappoint me, ever! As the run times lengthen, there are great new places to discover, my favourite is the cool woods on a warm day and also the fields watching the Red Kites soar above me, calling each other. Nice and slowly does it, there is no prize for speedy running. Trust the programme, it does miracles - I am 52, 2 stone overweight and never a fan of fitness, definitely not a runner. It is part of my life nowadays, wouldn't miss it and even think about running on rest days

  • You've taken the first step! Keep posting here and you'll get loads of support and encouragement, and yes, it gets easier! I graduated yesterday and ran up (slowly, but I ran) an incline I used to find challenging to walk up! I am 55 and 12 stone 4lbs (should be 11) but was 19.5! I lost most of it over many, many years of mainly walking (lost several stone, several times!). Lots of people repeat weeks as often as they need to, so stick with and you'll get there and soon you'll be able to do things you thought were impossible! (excuse all the exclamation marks, I must still be running on endorphins...)

  • Wow - really well done on the weight-loss. As s lifeline yo-yo dieter, hoping I can get back to a reasonable weight again this year!

  • Me too, and this time I'm staying there!

  • Caro, I can't add to anything that's already been said but I can endorse it 100%. Without this forum I would have given up long ago. The encouragement and advice are what has got me through EVERY run. It is possible. It is achievable. Little by little you'll get there. They all told me that I could do it and I didn't believe them. Now, I can run and am all set to graduate next week. Follow the programme and these lovely people's advice, you will too be amazed at what you are capable of. :)

  • Thank you!

  • Hi Caro, welcome to the wonderful world of C25K Forum & the joys of running. I've just completed week 5 run 3 - 20mins of solid running! If anyone had told me i could do that just a couplemonths ago, i would have laughed at them. I'm 46yrs, never exercised since leaving school & have a very sedentary job/lifestyle. Never had stamina, even as a kid i struggled with swimming and running anything over 100m!! Believe in the programme, try not to listen to your inner gremlins telling you you cant do it, get support & encouragement from all the lovely folk on the Forum, & we'll be cheering you on as you graduate x

  • Thanks so much - will keep reminding myself that I can do this !

  • Hello! Well done on your first run:-) I am similar - overweight and the 50 looming in a couple of months. Never been a runner - hated it. Now 6 weeks in to C25K I'm a convert - absolutely love the challenge. I have found it hard at times but it is doable. This forum is full of inspirational people with great advice. I have had some fab advice on loads of subjects but the one that I always revert to is about speed - slow down and then slow down again. Welcome aboard and happy running :-)

  • I forgot to answer your question - YES it does get easier ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Thank you! Will definitely try to pave myself - I think nonstarter the running a bit too enthusiastically today :)

  • I could be the guy whose photo they use under "If HE can do it YOU sure as heck can!"

    The physical problems I have which made this the unlikeliest of things for me to do are very real and outlined in my previous Posts.

    The mental reservations - well, I think we ALL had and have pretty much the same fears, hesitations, feelings of inadequacy etc.

    I started this June first and right now am waiting til I can go out the door to see if I can do the 25 minute run that is next in my slightly different US version of C25k.

    I am doing the "impossible" every two days according to some highly regarded Docs in the past.

    This programme works. Here is how it went for me.

    Read as many posts as possible so that you understand you are NOT "terminally unique"

    Realise that while it won't ba an "easy" ride, it IS eminently doable.

    The two MOST important things that get me around physically are - Do the programme the way it's set out AND when the going gets to be "too hard" as you run SLOW DOWN...and then slow down some more.

    What gets me around mentally is the support of, and supporting, the great members here. We are all in this together๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope you stay to run with us too.

  • I'm 55, over 15st and completely new to running. I've always joked that I couldn't run for a bus. But I've just completed week 3!! No one more amazed than me. So well done for starting and stick at it.

  • Well done...keep going. X

  • Hi.. you are here... and it is great!

    You have made the hardest step.. the first one. Go slow and will hear that so many times! works..:)

    Follow the programme, keep posting, lots of support, encouragement and advice will be offered... sympathy a bit of gentle shoving... all to get you where you want to be!

    Husband is have made a carry on..your way and in your own time..:)


    Don't worry about the length of your posts.. mine go on for pages..( i am, sorry infamous, for them!) :)

  • You will do it and you will find there are loads in a similar place who do so well on the programme. Huge well done for starting, good luck :)

  • Thank you :)

  • Hi, great to hear you're out there :-) it does get easier. I found week 1 the hardest - honest! I wasn't overweight but I was definitely unfit. I have a desk job working from home - I hardly move so had to make changes.

    Know what you mean about liquids. Personally I do all my running very early morning before any food or drink. Either make me too uncomfortable or gave me stitch.

    Looking forward to hearing your progress :-)

  • Thank you :) Going to try to do early runs!

  • I'm older and definitely couldn't ski or take Zumba classes when I started so you can definitely do it ๐Ÿ˜€ This forum is brilliant and it definitely gets easier. To echo many others take it slowly and you will be fine. Enjoy.

  • Thank you :-)

  • It gets easier, I promise :-) And not only easier - it becomes enjoyable!

  • I am 57 and over 15st and never run in my life......I am now at week 6 and loving it. I am living proof you can be fat and fitter. I am using the Cto5k app with sarah millican as my trainer. I have heard there are loads of different apps out there but this one was best for me with short 60s jogs in between short walks. I have also been doing at my pace so repeated weeks/days till my confidence and stamina grew. This group will help too. Good luck and keep can do this.. :)

  • Well done - glad there's chance for me yet!

  • Yes, it gets easier!

    Just follow the programme, it really does work for anyone. If you find the runs too hard, slow down! You're probably running too fast to keep up with your husband perhaps?

    I can't eat before a run, but I do keep well hydrated the day before. I'm an early morning runner, just get up and go!

    Good luck, believe in yourself and don't listen to any person or gremlin who says otherwise.

  • Thanks k you :)

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