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Week 7 Run 2 - :(

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Well I finished it but yesterday's run was not enjoyable at all. I had been having twinges in the right hip, and knee but the Chiropractor said it was just muscular and I was fine to run so I did but boy did I feel it. Weirdly the left shin was screaming from 12.5 minutes onwards but I dug in and got it done, slow and steady. One more run for week 7 tomorrow, fingers crossed it will be more enjoyable.

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The leg sounds worrying... please warm up well... make sure you are doing rest day exercises too.. and stretch very well after each run too:)

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J9_54Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Hello Oldfloss. I do hope not I don't want to end up on the IC again. I always walk for at least 15 mins including the 5 min brisk walk on the app before each run and I walk on my non run days for at least 30 minutes with the pup. I will take an extra rest day if it's still twingey tomorrow. Perhaps it's the after run stretches that need more focus I'll go back to the internet and get some to follow. Thanks for the advice x

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to J9_54

Please do those after run stretches,, they are essential and some strength and stamina exercise on rest days too!

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J9_54Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

OK I'll look those up now. Thanks, this is why I love this forum...you are my Oracle.....

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Mmm - please go carefully. Niggles are one thing, full on pain another and not something it is advisable to run through. Hope you are ok now? I am no chiropractor and not medically trained but it is ok to take a couple of extra rest days to let things settle. Good luck.

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J9_54Graduate in reply to Sandraj39

Will do thanks. My spine/hip alignment has been sorted out now so she said I am using different muscles that haven't been worked before and that's why I am feeling it but I will definitely stop if it's the same when I run again. Fingers crossed.

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I was also having twinges in my hip (mines the left one) and my chiropractor also said its muscular, carry on. He suggested that after every run, in the shower, I spray cold water on the problems areas for a minute (I tend to start with tepid and work the temparature down because I am a woss) It is actually more pleasant than it sounds (honest!) and it really helps. My twinges have definetely decreased even though I am running for much longer now. Well done to you for not giving up :)

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J9_54Graduate in reply to JulieDawnH

oh that sounds like fun not...but ok I'll give it a go, must be something in it, I saw athletes getting into ice baths at the olympics. Thanks 👍

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