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Yippee! Injury averted, Week 5 here I come!

Yippee! Injury averted, Week 5 here I come!

Last time I was writing on here it was because I was really down and miserable with a swollen ankle. After over a week of forced rest (my boyfriend confiscated my running shoes), I've finally got back to it!

I don't think I've ever been so fit in my life, never stuck to a fitness regime so rigidly, and really believe that this running malarky is the exercise for me, so I was really upset when I had to stop last week. I thought I would never start again and it would just end up like all the other times when I tried to get fit - a failure.

Today I took a deep breath and went for it again. I 'levelled up' and went on to Week 5 Run 1 - the last run I did, around 10 days ago, was Week 4 Run 3. I was being really nice to myself, so in my head I was saying, "It's ok, if you can't do it, we'll just run it again, there's no pressure, just take it as it comes, softly softly catchy monkey..."

My plan was to just try the run and do it as many times as I had to, because I thought my fitness would be way back, almost at the beginning again.

I was wrong! I did the whole run, never stopping once! I had a big grin on my face for the last minute of the last run, even managing a sprint at the end. My face was practically purple with the heat and I was soaking with sweat (it's very humid here in South China, and 32'C), but I did it! Can't believe it!

Trying hard NOT to think about the scary scary running nightmare I'll have to face in just 4 days...! No idea how I'll do THAT!

P.S. Here is the view where I run. I live on campus in the school where I am an English teacher and in order to hide from the thousands of students while I'm exercising and turning purple, I run in secret on the roof - it's flat! I think the view is really interesting, and I always run at sunset, it distracts me.

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Wow, great view! Glad to hear your good news. Keep at it, and R3 will be fine. I've just done W6R3 so I can tell you it's doable!


Congratulations - and really glad to hear you've got back to running. But what an unusual place to run, a roof with a view!

You'll be fine with run 3 - the programme sets you up really well for it. Believe us! :) The key things are - don't start too fast, and then don't stop. Easy peasy. :)


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