Week Six here I come!

I did it, week 5 run 3 totally under my belt now and the best thing of all? I loved it, I found myself running along imagining myself just going on and on like Forrest Gump (but in fancier trainers) and the minutes flew past. I got to Laura's warning of '2 minutes left' and was surprised, it seems that my legs can just keep going by themselves now :)

I even did a bit of hurdling in the middle of the run as the gusting wind lifted a load of discarded floral displays from the side of the path and bowled them along at me like tumbleweed... who knew there were so many hazards to running in a cemetery?

So, I'm feeling very happy and can't wait for my next run... I've crossed that mental barrier so I can now say out loud "I'm going for a run" without adding, "well a joggy/walky sort of a run thing."

Happy days :)


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  • Yay! That sounds so great! Very inspiring. Keep up the good work :D Hope you're having fun! :)

  • I really am having fun thanks :)

  • Ha ha (said in an Alan Partridge kinda way) You have caught the bug! I can tell from your positive vibey post. Yep, who knew indeed! Cemeteries! Full of hazards but you can thumb your nose at such trifling, piffling florally waftings now you're a runner.

    So, line up the next run and knock it down like a skittle. Eat my dust week 6!

    Happy running Amanda!

  • Yup, totally got the bug, hubby says he's glad I've got something to channel all my bloody-mindedness into so maybe that's what's getting me through those last 60 seconds each time ... whatever it is I'm loving it :)

  • Brilliant Rolyat, that's great. :-)

    Just take week 6 steady as it can be rather sneaky, then you are practically home and dry!

  • Thanks for the advice, slow and steady wins the day!

  • Yay ! Well done Roly, brilliant post !

    Onto Week 6 , keep going , youre doing great xxx

  • Great stuff Rolyat. Sounds like you are flying along.

  • Congratulations, a big milestone and you are well on your way now.

  • Fantastic! Sounds like you did amazingly well there. I remember finding it quite a struggle. Well done. Especially incorporating a bit of hurdling in there too ;)

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