Week 8 here I come!!!

Wow I can't believe it; finished wk7 yesterday and on to week 8 tomorrow.

6 more runs to graduation!!! Whoop whoop

Didn't enjoy wk7 run3, it seemed really hard work, breathing didn't seem right; couldn't get pace right (think it was my fault feeling like I'm too slow and not really feeling like I'm running); I need to remember it's not about pace but completing times, as I did on my run 2 of wk7 which I really enjoyed.

Anyway onwards and upwards; looking forward to wk 8!!


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22 Replies

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  • Well done you and all the best for next week. Slow and steady does it.

  • Thanks Nightingale.

    Yep def slow and steady is way to go, would be gutted if I got injured now!!

  • Well done Slinky I detested Week 7, really struggled.

    Good luck with the next 3 runs. That badge is within your grasp 😊

  • Thanks Pushing60.

    Yes I can almost touch it now 😊

  • Well done Slinkyminky - you know exactly what to do. Enjoy! :)

  • Thanks 90ldfinch

    I do; I just need to remember it at the time.

    Need you lot in my head, slow and steady; slow and steady πŸ˜‡

  • Some you lose..but some you win! Well done youx

  • Definitely; next one will be better X

  • Well done Slinky. I found wk 8 and 9 most enjoyable. All you are really doing in extending your run by a couple of minutes, and your stamina is really building. Hopefully you will have a pleasurable last 6 runs.

    Enjoy them!

  • Thanks Qscout.

    I think now I know I'm so close I will definitely enjoy them X

  • Hey slinky, well done on finishing week 7 😬 I was wondering how you (and Bamb0014 on her IC) had been doing this week. I haven't done r3 yet, (I'm not counting my little run "just for fun" on Saturday!) hoping the downpours here will have slowed a bit tonight and cleared a bit of the pollen to make the breathing easier. You feel ready for an extra 3 minutes on week 8? I can't believe it's only 2 weeks to go, it's absolutely flown by!!

  • Hi Feelingsilly still on IC and worseningπŸ˜” unfortunately. Tears of pain and frustration with simple jobs yesterday forced me to go to the doctor today who suspected cartilage damage, but was concerned to rule out tibia fracture (!). Fortunately I went straight to X-ray which proved no fracture. Sending me for mri scan asap. Will not be running anytime soon, πŸ€•,but she gave me hope as she volunteered that she'd have me back to it, so who knows. Needless to say everyone is suggesting I do something else from Pilates to cross training. If I don't start again I have proved I can at least break into a reasonably sustained run if someone yelled 'run'! More than I could 2 months ago.

    Wishing you the best for the coming runs, nice and steady and don't ignore real pain ✌🏻️

  • Oh Bamb I feel gutted for you; I know how much you were enjoying it.

    Take care and get as much rest as you need.

    Keep posting and let us know how you are X

  • Oh Bamb0014, well that is just absolute pants!! Glad you aren't fractured but it really is not fair when you were doing so well :-((. Hope you get some proper answers soon, let us know how you get on, and definitely look us up when you get back to running so we can cheer you on . Rest well, take care x

  • Hi Feelingsilly

    Yes I definitely feel ready for wk8 and the extra 3 mins; I know when I did wk7 I felt there was more in there and I could have carried on; but have stuck religiously to the program!

    Good luck on your next run; you'll be joining me very soon X

  • Well done you are about a week ahead of me. So close now you can almost touch it. Enjoy your rest day or days and good luck with those final runs. ☺☺

  • Thanks dd

    It's exciting now it's getting so close X

  • Well done Slinkyminky whatever pace you're going you're still getting there. Onwards (not upwards) nice and flat πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks Bamb.

    Yes still on treadmill; don't want to jinx it by trying to run outside; that can wait til I graduate!

    I just posted a reply above to you, sorry to hear you're still on IC X

  • Well done!!! I did wk 8 run 1 today - I timed and measured the run bit for the first time (with no walking) and I did 3.46k... Was quite disappointed no where near 5k which is pretty daft as 7 weeks ago I couldn't run 5 minutes!!! My legs are a bit achy so using the excuse to chill out on the sofa :)

  • Thanks Allydee

    I think we have to learn not to be so hard on ourselves, we have come a long way in 8 weeks!!

    No way did I ever think it was possible that I would be running for 25 mins!

    And the saying of this forum is slow and steady X

  • Thats just over what I have got on all my week 7 runs ... The distance will come later I'm sure, reading some of the post-c25k stories- it's more about building stamina now I think. πŸƒπŸΌ

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