Time for Week 5!

After only one run (at week 3/4 standard) in my two week holiday, I finally got the trainers back on today. Completed week 4 with no problems, so my fitness doesn't seem to have dropped much. It is now truly time to face week 5 and that ominous 20 minute run. Wish me luck ...

I have my next two weeks of rewards pre-bought as well

Week 5 - bamboo running socks

Week 6 - new sports bra

Week 7 - running belt

Week 8 - running jacket

Week 9 - gait analysis trainers

After that I'm going to have to start buying gloves, a hat and thicker bottoms cause it's going to get cold in Cardiff!

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  • You will be fine - the programme prepares you for this week, so just get rid of those mental gremlins!

    Remember to start off slow and keep it slow - good luck!

  • Slow and steady. Slow and steady.

  • Oh!!! Good luck :)

  • I always run in bamboo socks; love them!! :)

  • Erm what bamboo socks ?

  • They're made from bamboo but still look like normal socks. It's super comfy, wicking, breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-static, good for sensitive skin and protects you from UV (the last one is obviously not relavent to socks). People rave about these socks - and I paid about £6 for 2 in sports direct. Ha.

  • Oooh ok - intrigued now. Naturally I was imagining something quite different ! :)

    Thanks :)

  • Love the rewards list! What an excellent idea. As someone of...ahem...generous proportions I would definitely have put a good sports bra before bamboo socks myself, but, hey, each to their own! Good luck with your journey :-)

  • Thank you. It's partly to make me keep up the running each week but also to stop me buying more than item/week on average!

    I already have a sports bra, but it goes on over my head, which is awkward to get off after running. I found one from La Isla on Amazon for £13.99 that zips and clips at the front, so it's easier to get off!

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