Bursting to get out there!

Iv'e been doing the runs with a day's rest in between but I am actually bursting to get out there EVERY DAY. Yes, the words of someone who has never ran and was indeed a couch potato until I started this. Im on WK2 only. Would it harm me to go on two executive days? Or should I do something like cycling or brisk walking on the days when Im not on the programme as I am very well aware that rest days are important???


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5 Replies

  • I did 2 consecutive days a couple of times in the early weeks. It didn't do me any harm, although I'm well aware it's not recommended. Listen to your body, if you feel fine and you do it very occasionally, I don't think it will hurt, but once the runs get longer, you'll really need those rest days, so sticking to cycling, etc would be wiser!

  • I've just finished W5 and I find both that I need the rest days, and that I want to be much more active generally in my daily life. I can't any more stand a day when I don't at least go for a brisk walk. So I try and do plenty of walking, climbing stairs, and if I can fit it in, swimming, on my rest days. I think this is better than running on consecutive days, as I worry about tiring myself too much, and the risk of injury if I did that. But as tantrumbean says, everyone's different.

  • Thanks for your tips!

  • A bunch of us do the Strength and Flex programme on the rest days, which helps with core stability and general muscle improvement. It's not nearly as strenuous as running, so it's a nice alternative to doing two consecutive days and keeps you active.

  • I'm exactly the same, even now, a year after I started! Like tantrumbean said, listen to your body. If you don't feel too bad, then do try it just be careful as your body will need that rest!

    I went out for a run on both Sunday & Monday just gone and I'm feeling sore today but I'll be fine tomorrow!

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