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Inspired but worn out - what to do?

I have been doing C25k since early Jan - I am on week 6 with a break for holiday and some repitition afterwards. I feel like I am actually getting some where - with my "best run ever" last week Week 6 run 2.. but I am knackered.

Each week I also do 2 x tennis classes, a circuits class, cricket and ballet, so my rest days are few and far between. I have tennis tomorrow, Weds and cricket Thursday coming up - and should do a run tomorrow and thurs - but I think my body is trying to tell me to stop. I tried to have a rest day on Saturday but it was such a glorious day that we went and climbed a hill. Stupid I know.... gah.

I have been doing so well - but don't want an injury - if I give running a miss for a few days this week will I have to start week 6 again (last run was Friday) or even worse go back to week 5. Any/ all advice welcome... thanks.

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Are all these activities things that you enjoy or are some of them a means to an end, such as improving fitness?


Thanks for your reply! Yes there is a "being generally fitter" goal in there (doing weight watchers and they all earn "activity points" BUT they are social fun things that I do with friends - it just happens they wear me out!


I'm worn out reading about all you do. We are all different but if you're knackered you should listen to your body and have some rest as you don't want to end up injured and not able to do any of it. Question is what will you miss this week? With all the other activities you are doing maybe doing just 2 runs a week and completing the course over a longer period is the way forward.

Good luck!


Thaks AliB1 - I did just two runs this week- week 6 run 3 went well! I defintely benefited from a rest!


It's great that you have found exercise you enjoy and can do with friends. That's the ideal.

I make tennis x 2 + running x 2 + circuits + hillwalking = 6 moderate to high intensity cardio (aerobic) activities plus cricket = 1 light cardio. Then circuits + ballet = 2 strength sessions (circuits are a hybrid exercise if you are working on muscles and aerobic fitness at the same time)

Is it possible to pace yourself so you do moderate/high and low intensity cardio on alternate days, so that you can recover? And leave one or two days between circuits and ballet as well, so the muscles worked that way can recover.

If the tennis and cricket are seasonal you could always drop running until they finish. Or continue with C25k more slowly and aim to be a 'jogger' more than a runner?


How do Clearly,

If I were you I would just take a few days off from c25k (3 or 4) to give you a chance to recover and your muscles time to repair a bit whilst carrying on with the other stuff you do, then just pick up where you've left up.

I am familiar with feeling exhausted from time to time thoguh mostly through working andf partying too much! but alongside doing c25k which is quite intensive for your body it is alot. I just had 3 days off and ran week6r2 today and found it fine getting back into it.

Important to listen to your body - why not make your next run Saturday and enjoy a more relaxed week?

Good luck! Beth


Thanks guys! I had a 5 day rest from running (although did other stuff on my rest days) but I was feeling good when it came to Week 6 run 3 - yay! 25mins done! Thanks for all the advice. Also asked various trainers/ instructors about rest days that I've seen this week at all my sports and everyone says I should take rest days! Thanks x


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