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Did my first run with a garmin!

and it was good!! originally I was commited to finishing this with Laura and was only considering possibly getting a garmin for graduation, but I set out for week seven run 1 and felt a bit demotivated, i did it but didnt get the normal high afterwards, I wonder if its because you have already done 25 minutes at the end of week 6 so theres no big sense of achievement, I dont know.

I had been lookin at garmins and that evening just felt my hand move to add to basket and it was on its way!, it didnt arrive for run 2 so did that with Laura then used it for run 3, what a difference it is running to your own music and having the time and distance on your wrist! it has totally motivated me to keep going,

Im not saying its for everyone and I did wince at the price, but I was so worried about not finishing the programme and it and it has given me a lift just a the right time

love almost everything about this programme, all i need to do now is to start to enjoy the actual running!

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Statiiiiistiiiiiiics!!! I love stats and I love my Garmin for that exact reason, and having race-stats on my wrist whilst running is amazing.

Which Garmin did you go for?


Is a Garmin more accurate than a phone app? I'd like to treat myself with a Garmin when I'll graduate, but I don't know if it's really worth it...

But I agree with you on the music part - really makes a world of difference, doesn't it? ^^


Garmin 110 mrqwest, and its fab! Loving the stats, ran faster today i noticed, and im afraid i cant compare with the iphone davd as dont have one, thats the main reason i got a garmin, but someone at work says its very acurate.

Although ive only used it twice, i think the garmin pushes you on, usually laura says thats it your done, but no one said it today so kept going to 30 mins, week 8 run 1 so happy with that


Well done! I think the garmin (I've got the same one) has really helped me to keep running after I graduated. Well, that's one way to justify buying it! :)


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