Couch to 5K

Did Week 6 Run 1 today :-) :-) :-)

After a week off with back pain, I went out this morning.

I figured if it was too painful to run I would at least walk for 30 mins to maintain some fitness, but I did the run!

It was hard, particuarly when Laura randomly stops telling you when you've got 60 seconds left :-) but I've done it now and feel OK to move on with the programme.

My back was ever so slightly twingy, but didn't get any worse while running and actually feels more flexible now, so hopefully it will continue to improve.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement on last week's post,

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congratulations. it is glad to hear that your back is feeling better.

I found this run really difficult after the big week 5 run (which makes no sense at all after being able to run for 20mins) so you deserve a big "pat on the back" for completing this run!

onwards & upwards :))


Well done casdix, hope your back keeps improving.


Good job Casdix, I think week 6 was the moment I was officially hooked. I just loved that I had run 20 minutes and felt cheated going back to intervals and was just gagging for weeks 8 and 9 to come about.

I was like my kids waiting for Christmas :-)


well done!!!

Look after yourself


You are just ahead of me on the programme - well done and keep it up!


Awesome, well done. I found week 6 pretty tough, but once it's done you're a proper runner apparently!


Well done you!! Bet you're chuffed? I did week7 run 1 today and was surprised that it was the same as week6 run 3 ...seems silly, I struggled for a bit, well for about 15 minutes actually, never did get my pace right but completed the 25 minutes and was happy happy happy :) xxx


That's amazing!! 25 minutes is scary :-)


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