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first post graduation run

Today was my first post graduation run, and I decided to the week 1 run1 podcast but instead of jog / walk I would run / jog instead. So when Laura said its time for your first run I sprinted as fast as I could, it was exhilarating!! I got quickly out of breath but the 60 seconds were over really quickly and I thought they seemed to last soooo much longer when I did week 1 run 1 first time! Anyway I managed to complete the whole thing like that and I felt great!

I got home to check the stats and I'm shocked at the difference in times, I just had to share

-------------------------- week 1-----now

Distance covered--1.21km-----1.78km

1km Pace ------------14m17s-----10m36s

I'm just shocked at the difference, know I was really going for it on the sprints but I'm just surprised what a difference it made to the distance and pace :-)

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What an excellent plan!

That really does show the progress that 9 weeks of running can bring - well done!

60s sprinting, 60s jogging is an excellent training run too!


Thanks😀 yeah it shows how much fitter I am now :-) it's so motivating to know that :-)


Hey, that's great! Doing it again, but at a whole new level! Congrats and keep going!

I'm also planning my first postgrad run for today and it would be intervals. I've decided to try the 5k improver program available on my RunDouble app. The first week consists of 300m sprint followed by 100m walk intervals for the whole 5 km. It's supposed to speed you up and improve your timing.

However, I really like your approach, too :) Now I'm thinking what should I choose :)


Thanks :-)

Yeah I did it because I wasn't really sure what to do next, and I wasn't quite ready to run without Laura, but I'd like to speed up my pace so that I can look at completing a Park Run in less than an hour which at my normal jogging pace (approx. 13 min km) it would be over the hour for sure.

Then I was thinking, if I wanted to do intervals why not do week 1 run 1 again and see just how fast I could run and if I could sustain it for the whole session. I was so pleased with the results. It also said my fastest pace was 7m44s, not sustained just for a few seconds lol, but I'm amazed I was able to move that fast (its not easy running at 17st5lbs).

Good luck with your run whichever approach you choose :-) lets us know how you do :-)

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I decided to stick to the improver plan, so altogether it was a 5,1 km interval run. It was devastating! All my body was in pain after that, but it felt good that I was able to do it. To my surprise today I feel tired, but no muscle fever.

How are you doing? Day 2 of week 1 or 5 km is the next thing?


Sounds like you smashed it!!! Wow 5.1 km intervals that's amazing! And muscles good after is awesome!

Tomorrow I'm doing at least 5k in total, and I'm intending running longer than my last longest distance run which was 3.35k

How about you? What's next for you?


Great plan and it sounds like you really enjoyed yourself :)


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